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  • This is fairly detailed (not all required). We often copy/paste what you write in the creation of your artist profile on the site, share during discussion on the live show, post online, etc.  The more you provide, the more we have to promote.  See Fellowcraft's profile as an example here so you get a rough idea of how this may look if/when published.  
  • You don't need to send us your music, we pull it from online when we play it, all you need to do is fill out this form.
  • If you represent more than one group, a separate form will need to be filled out for each one.
Your Name (you, the person filling out this form) *
Your Name (you, the person filling out this form)
This is strictly private, for DC Music Rocks use only, in case we have questions or need to reach you about this submission.
IMPORTANT - LIST BOTH THE ARTIST NAME AND THE PRONUNCIATION PLEASE!! Fans will want to know how to pronounce your name!
What big name popular bands do you sound like? If people have never heard of you, who might they think you sound like that they HAVE heard of?
Is there one? Listeners love this one, please share! Where'd your name come from? What's the story behind it?
First name, nickname (if any), and instrument!
Give us fun stuff, not normal bio stuff!
Any other links you'd want to share? Bandcamp? Other Social Media?
Main Genre *
We call it HARD ROCK if electric guitar uses distortion. Pick just one main genre.
Alright, now if you want, give us all the other ones you use. Seriously, ALL of them, people can search for these terms!
We can add one video to your artist profile. Which one should it be? Recommend a video that's not just an audio file, since they'll have your Soundcloud for audio.
We use Bandsintown (a free app for artists and fans) to continuously display your current upcoming show schedule. If you don't post to bandsintown, it will simply say "no upcoming tour dates" on your profile.
Not required if we can just grab one from your bandsintown/facebook cover photos. If there's a specific one you prefer, send the link to it here. Nope, can't upload or email it.
I certify this music is CLEAN, I'm aware the FCC does not allow curse words on the radio *
Legal Release. Short Summary: Yes, play this music, talk about this band/musician, and promote them on DC Music Rocks, and no payment is necessary. Full Version you're agreeing to: I am atleast 18 years of age and I am a legal representative for, or myself own, the rights to this music and/or product submitted. I authorize the use by DC Music Rocks, Brian Nelson-Palmer, and Arlington Independent Media, of my name, group name, portrait, picture, photograph, voice recording, video recording, musical recording, biographical information, or any likeness of me in the broadcast, content and promotion of DC Music Rocks. I authorize this without compensation for it's use. This consent applies to any medium now known or to be developed. I expressly release the subject parties from any privacy, defamation, or other claims which involve this material, I have read and agree to the DC Music Rocks Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, linked at the bottom of the page. *