Music By DC Region Artists From The Show

Music added weekly!  We've done the research and found the tracks, you just enjoy!


Weekly dose (bite-size) playlist of new & exciting tracks, We’re updating it for you weekly! Listen every week!

One mega (DAYS LONG) playlist of all songs that we've played during all our years of the DC Music Rocks Show.

Just from this year, all the singles or select songs from the full albums released by DC region artists in 2018

By Mood

A great variety of jams, based on your different moods

Ready to cut loose in the car?  This wide-variety-of-genres playlist should turn your car into a dance party!  ROAD TRIP!

Music is the difference between a good & GREAT workout. These tracks have ultra high energy and driving beats!

We've collaborated with Listen Local First to put together this holiday playlist, which will be played at businesses around DC!

Great for while you're working, when you have friends over, or those times you need some low key background music!  

When you need more than just easy listening.  Maybe you're hosting a big gathering or you need a pick me up!

Love's in the air with someone special.  DC artists have just the songs for those moments.  This is THAT LOVE playlist. 

Doing chores? Goin out?  Party at your place?  Jammin, and dancing encouraged. Turn these up!  Play it loud!

Sometimes incredible music comes from heartbreak and lost love.  As we find it, we share it here, hoping perspective helps!

Each week we cover new releases by DC region artists.  We add them here too, follow this one and check them out!

By Genre

Because sometimes you're in the mood for a specific type of music.   STAY TUNED, MORE COMING SOON!


If you like Top 40 and Pop music, you're going to love these!  Tracks updated by DC Music Rocks team.

This one's putting the FUNK back in FUNKTIONAL!  Tracks updated by DC Music Rocks team.

It's Hip Hop, by artists we've featured on the show!  Tracks updated by DC Music Rocks team.

It's the Blues you don't need medication for, the kind of blues you should embrace!  All by  local artists!


Official Music Videos

2018 TinyDesk Video Contest (an NPR National Contest) entries by DC region musicians!