DC Music Rocks Guest Form

basic info:

We're stoked at the idea of having you on the show!  We love to have awesome guests like you share a bit about themselves, do an interview, and then "pay it forward" and share/talk about some of YOUR favorite DC musicians.  Here's the way the show will probably run:

  • Brian starts the show and we'll introduce you. 
  • We'll cover announcements/news (yours and ours)
  • We'll play/discuss a couple tracks by DC artists.
  • We'll introduce you (and if you're a musician, play one of your songs too). 
  • We'll interview you
  • We'll play/discuss the rest of the tracks we have for that episode.

2 Guest Action Items Required (Due Prior To Booking):

We need the super quick Guest Permission Form at the bottom of this page filled out by someone for the episode. 

Send an email to the show (DCMusicRocks@gmail.com) with:

a) Three (3) current DC region artists we can play music from on your episode, which you will talk about, promote, or tell stories about.  If you're also an artist, specify one of your own songs to play when we introduce you as well.

  • DC region artists means artists currently based in DC and/or way out into the immediate surrounding region!  As of now, that means not Richmond and not Baltimore or beyond.
  • Artists need to be available on Spotify and iTunes/etc.  If you're an over achiever, send the actual Spotify link to the songs or artists.  If you have specific songs you'd like to play on your episode certainly share those, otherwise just artist name is fine, We're happy to pick the songs.  It's the radio, songs must be clean.
  • We will be asking you to talk about these artists on the air, so be ready to share how you first discovered this artist, why you like them, and any other stories about them.  It doesn't have to be personal, you can just be a fan.

b) A short 1-2 paragraph bio of the person/the band/the organization/venue that's coming on the show that we can copy and post.

c) At least 3 good photos we should use to promote you.  At least 1 should be of the person(s) appearing on the show.

d) All your links/URLs (website, Facebook, etc) we should use in our write-up and on the website.

e) The names and emails of each person who will likely be guests on the show.  There's room for up to 3 guests comfortably in the radio booth. If you're thinking of bringing more than that, perhaps 4-5 they can sit/stand in the back, it's possible to cram them in, but lets talk about that ahead of time.  This is why we're asking this now.

The Interview:

Good interviews always evolve and go off on tangents as they progress, so these questions are just where we'll start, and we won't have time for all of these.  You don't have to answer these now, these are an FYI so you can be mentally prepared.

Brian Nelson-Palmer DC Music Rocks DC Booth
  1. What do you do that brought you on the show today, and what makes it special?

  2. What's the story behind your name (If applicable/interesting)?

  3. What part of the DC region are you connected to?

  4. Earliest memory with music?

  5. (For Artists) First memory performing?

  6. Tell us about you, on the personal side?

  7. Funniest moment?

  8. Biggest "success" moment?

  9. Tell us the story about a time you tried and failed?

  10. What do you have in your music collection that might surprise us?

  11. One piece of advice you would offer?

  12. Where do we go to find/follow you?  Website?  Other Links?

Location Info:

DC Music Rocks on Arlington Independent Media

Arlington Independent Media
2701-C Wilson Blvd
Arlington VA 22201

Station Front Desk: 703-524-2388
My Cell: 770-403-1061

  • Metro: halfway between Courthouse and Clarendon stops on the Orange/Silver Line.  10 min walk from either stop.
  • Parking: Super easy.  Grab any of the spots labeled "Arlington Independent Media Only" right in front of the building.  DO NOT PARK IN THE COMCAST SPOTS, they ticket/tow.   If all spots are full, there is plenty of street parking on Wilson Blvd (check the time/meter for cost).  

Specific expectations: 

  • You'll need to be able to meet at the radio station at 4:30pm on the Tuesday of the date we choose.  The show runs from 5pm-6pm.
  • We will take pictures and video of you and us in the radio booth, so wear something you don't mind being photographed/recorded in.  It will be shared publicly!
  • NO CURSING ON THE SHOW.  Huge fine by the government if you do.  If you curse, or conduct yourself unprofessionally on the air, and the show or station is assessed a fine, you will be wholly responsible for paying that fine.
  • We're cheerleaders for DC music.  We keep it positive on this show.  We have an informal policy of "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". 
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself!  We love this stuff!  

Guest Permission:

Primary Guest Cell Phone Number *
Primary Guest Cell Phone Number
I have read, understand, and will abide by the expectations above and will be responsible for my own, and my group's behavior on air, especially the prohibition of cursing. *
Legal Release: Short Summary -- Yes, please promote, share, broadcast, upload and publicize my/our participation on DC Music Rocks free of charge. Full Version you're agreeing to -- I am at least 18 years of age and I authorize the use by DC Music Rocks, Brian Nelson-Palmer, and Arlington Independent Media, of my name, group name, portrait, picture, photograph, voice recording, video recording, musical recording, audio recording, biographical information, or any likeness of me in the broadcast, content and promotion of DC Music Rocks. This applies to all guests on the show and their associated organizations/groups. I authorize this without compensation for it's use. This consent applies to any medium now known or to be developed. I expressly release the subject parties from any privacy, defamation, copyright, or other claims which involve this material. I have read and agree to the DC Music Rocks Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, linked at the bottom of the page. *