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August 30, 2016 - Special Guest: Color Palette

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  1. Shark Week - If You Want To Stay With Me (For A While) (Rock/Punk)
  2. Drive TFC - 80 Days (Rock/Alt-Rock)
  3. Color Palette - Seventeen (Rock/Indie)
  4. Drop Electric - Flee The Circus (Rock/Shoegaze)
  5. Cruzie Beaux - Girlfriend (Rock/Electro-Rock)
  6. Pleasure Curses - Burn (Indie/Electro)
  7. Drive TFC - Surf's Dead (Rock/Alt-Rock)
  8. Intro music by Fellowcraft (Hard Rock/Blues)

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Color Palette

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Color Palette DC Music Rocks Guest


Since their first release on June 1, 2015, Color Palette have garnered more than 100 press hits worldwide. Press highlights include features in NME Magazine, USA Today, NPR, and Impose Magazine. Locally (Washington, DC), they were nominated for three 2015 Washington Area Music Awards - (Best) Pop Rock Duo/Group, Pop Rock Recording, and Pop Rock Vocalist (


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