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3/27/18 - Special Guest: Mystery Friends

Thanks to Mystery Friends for hanging out with us in the studio this week!

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  1. Voodoo Woman, by Stone Driver (Hard Rock, Rock)

  2. Keflavik, by Mystery Friends (Indie, Dance Rock)

  3. ***Aimless Kid, by Queue (Indie, Indie Rock)

  4. Fade, by Lavender (Indie,Indie Pop)

  5. ***Graves, by Kid Brother (Rock/Folk)

***The first time we've played this artist for you on the show, & a new artist profile added to our DC Artist Database!  There's new artists every week!

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  • Stone Driver - Voodoo Woman (Single - Hard Rock - RIYL AC/DC)

  • Time Is Fire - Stories Untold (3 Song EP - Hard Rock - RIYL Gang of Four)

Our 2018 New Releases by DC Artists’ Spotify Playlist:


The Split Seconds - Come To Mary

Thievery Corporation - Depth of My Soul ft Shana Halligan

2018 Tiny Desk Contest Videos By Your Local Artist (See Youtube Playlist below)

  • Sub-Radio

  • Lavender

  • Crys Matthews

  • Nardo Lilly

  • Justin Trawick

  • Thaylobleu

  • Aztec Sun

  • Near Northeast

  • Skribe

  • Leo & Cygnus

  • Flo Anito

  • Mystery Friends

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Here’s just a few highlights for the coming week, be sure to check out the calendar for the full list of all the upcoming shows!

(RIYL = Recommended If You Like)
Fri Mar 30
-Queue @ Black Cat on 14th St (Spacy Indie Vibe, RIYL The Nationals, The Cranberries)
-Bencoolen & FeelFree @ Gypsy Sally’s (Reggae, RIYL Red Hot Chili Peppers, SOJA, Steely Dan)
-Oh He Dead @ DC9 Nightclub (RIYL Alabama Shakes, Amy Winehouse, EP Release Show)

Sat Mar 31
-Lionize & Tomato Dodgers @ Rock & Roll Hotel on H St (Hard Rock & Funk, RIYL Metallica & Cake)

Sun Apr 1
-Rare Essence @ Society Lounge in Silver Spring (Go-Go, RIYL Chuck Brown

Tue Apr 3
-Rachel Levitin @ Pearl Street Warehouse (Rock, RIYL Sheryl Crow)

Thu Apr 5
-Chris Cassaday & Sol Roots @ Union Stage (Funk Blues, RIYL Eric Lindell, The Wood Brothers, Dave Matthews, Sublime)
-FuzzQueen & Nah. @ DC9 (Rock Indie, RIYL PJ Harvey, Waxahachie, Courtney Barnett, Hospitality)

Mark Your Calendar FUTURE shows discussed during the show:

Apr 23
Mystery Friends @ DC9

May 26
Stone Driver, Black Dog Prowl, and Fellowcraft (Brian's Band) at Union Stage
Epic Hard Rock Show - RIYL: AC/DC, Metallica, Guns & Roses,   


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Mystery Friends

Video - Bio - Links - Transcript

Mystery Friends's Bio:

Copy of IMG_9330.JPG

Mystery Friends is a band rooted in the DC-music tradition while forging its own path forward. Since forming in 2016, the band finds its sound from a variety of influences, but they all fit together like a weird, wonderful puzzle. The band has been likened to Chvrches and Talking Heads, among others, but never looks to copy someone else’s sound. Combining powerful vocals, angular guitars, woozy synths, and a funky rhythm section, Mystery Friends makes moderately danceable rock music for a time when people need a reason to dance.



Press Photo.jpg
Copy of IMG_20171004_183022.jpg


Brian:     On DC Music Rocks we're shining a spotlight on the great songs, artists, and incredible people behind the DC region's local music scene. Mystery Friends formed in 2016 and finds its sound from a variety of influences that all fit together like a weird wonderful puzzle. The band has been likened to Chvrches and Talking Heads among others and combining powerful vocals from Abby over there with angular guitars, woozy sense, and a funky rhythm section.

     Mystery friends makes moderately danceable rock, which we established means only extreme dancing sometimes, regular dancing other times. Moderately danceable rock I love it. Moderately danceable rock music for a time when people need a reason to dance. So and I first came across these guys, God it was probably a couple years ago. I've been following you guys for a long time since the first EP came out and I've been such a fan so for me it's a fanboy moment for me where I get to say thank you guys so much for being here. This is really cool.

Dave:     Well thank you.

Brian:     Absolutely. Now so for those folks who haven't heard it what is it that makes you guys special do you think? I hear all the time that like, "Oh we have great energy." Or something but what else, what makes you guys special or different you think?

Danny:     Reverse guitar.

Brian:     And if they don't know what a reverse guitar is what is that exactly?

Danny:     That's a guitar that you play backwards and put it into a sample pad.

Brian:     Play backwards meaning upside down and in your left hand? What does that mean?

Danny:     Yeah well that's what we tried it first.

Dave:     That's phase two.

Abby:     Yeah.

Dave:     So yeah I mean I would say part of what I think makes us unique or special would be that we take, we're a band with many influences and many, we bring a lot of different things to the table and that's could be a detriment but I think it's actually an asset because you know none of us are of the same exact musical taste and I think that ultimately that means we have like we try to write in that you know summary the combination can be interesting. You don't hear a lot of things like that because we're not all going from, "Oh I have to play like Radiohead. I have to play like whatever." Everybody has a different influence so therefore those are all represented in the music we ultimately produce.

Brian:     Got it and how did you guys come together?

Danny:     Very slowly. So I think actually the way that the name kind of works for us is that we all, so me and Dave went to high school together, but I met Robbie through his now fiancee. I met Abby through my girlfriend Kate's friend's sister. Is who Abby is. And I knew about Abby moving to DC months before she actually did and you know kind of probably scared her at a party one time when I told her I put a track on the playlist of the party that we were at. And so we kind of, yeah, so we kind of come from everywhere.

Abby:     Yeah.

Brian:     So in it, but what I'm collecting from this is that you all some how knew each other a little bit it wasn't like a Craigslist thing?

Dave:     Yeah. That's right.

Abby:     Correct. Yeah.

Danny:     Except for our drummer who's not here. Who Robbie met-

Dave:     Who was Robbie with?

Robbie:     I met his sister at-

Danny:     I met his sister at a wedding.

Robbie:     Yes.

Danny:     Yeah.

Dave:     So instead of Craigslist-

Danny:     And we needed a drummer.

Dave:     Robbie found someone at a wedding and through persuasion-

Brian:     You found someone at a wedding.

Dave:     Yeah.

Brian:     I love this combination. Holy smokes. I can't even keep track of all the things you just said but at the same time the level of connections it's like three degrees of separation from what's his name? Kevin Spacey?

Abby:     Yep.

Danny:     We probably know everybody in the DC area if-

Dave:     Yeah. Yeah.

Abby:     Somehow.

Danny:     [crosstalk 00:03:26] powers.

Abby:     Someone's connected or yeah well connected. If they're capable of something.

Brian:     That's amazing. And the name itself where does Mystery Friends come from?

Abby:     We joke 'cause it was a random name generator actually. But then we kind of landed on that and we're like that's actually really good. So-

Brian:     Now wait were you all like sitting around the name generator together at a rehearsal or did somebody find it and was like, "Hey what about this?"

Abby:     It was one of those rehearsals were I think we were let's rehearse but then it ended up being let's just eat pizza. So yeah I think there were instruments there but I don't think you can call it a rehearsal.

Brian:     So you had your phones out and you were looking on name generators and oh Mystery Friends.

Abby:     Yeah. It might've been Robbie. Yeah I don't, we had a list of like reject names and I think Mystery Friends was actually listed there and I'm like wait a minute that actually works for us. So you know all the odd connections and the friend tree that we have of how we all kind of came together so it worked out well.

Brian:     That's amazing and re-introduce yourselves real quick one more time. It's your name and what your role is in the band. Run through it for me real quick.

Abby:     Yeah Abby I'm the vocalist and the synth player.

Dave:     I'm Dave and I play guitar and synth and other stuff.

Brian:     Got it.

Danny:     And I'm Danny I play guitar and sample pad.

Brian:     Yeah.

Robbie:     Robbie here. I play bass.

Brian:     Yep and there's one more he is ...

Robbie:     Greg.

Abby:     Greg.

Brian:     Greg [crosstalk 00:04:38] he plays drums.

Abby:     Greg on the drums.

Dave:     Yeah on behalf of Greg he plays drums.

Brian:     On behalf of Greg.

Robbie:     The most mysterious of all the friends.

Brian:     Yeah I was going to say and I'm a drummer so you're the most important part and I love you man. Just so you know.

Dave:     Oh yeah. I can attest we tried playing without a drummer and I can attest that it is not as good as it sounds.

Brian:     See now you're just sucking up to me. Don't stop. Don't stop. That's so good. So now talk about you guys outside of the music. So then on the personal side, all of you guys, what are your hobbies? What do you do outside of Mystery Friends? Abby you first.

Abby:     Well it's funny because we all kind of have our corporate work jobs which kind of consume but we still find time for the band and for other things and yeah I'm really heavily involved in the events. You know industry out here in DC so I'm working a lot of events and going to a lot of events.

Brian:     Nice. What kind of events are your favorite kind of events?

Abby:     I, this is so cheesy but I love weddings. It's just, I cry at every single one of them.

Brian:     Oh my goodness. Oh that's so adorable stop it. I got ...

Robbie:     Even though she's missing mine.

Brian:     Oh.

Abby:     We're gonna do that right now aren't we.

Brian:     That's a shot over the bower. Alright.

Dave:     All out.

Abby:     That's just [crosstalk 00:05:43].

Brian:     He was waiting until now to do that. He really was.

Abby:     He was.

Brian:     Oh God that's hilarious. Alright Dave what about you man?

Dave:     So I am a also a tax lawyer. So that's less fun than music but it is what I do.

Brian:     That's so nerdy.

Dave:     Even for the synthesizers that I have. And then I also play, well I don't play so much baseball these days, but used to play baseball and now I'm auditing my [inaudible 00:06:05] shop because I'm playing music instead.

Brian:     Oh that's-

Dave:     And also Abby's being modest. She's also a successful solo artist and she just released a really cool video so you should check that out.

Brian:     Nice. And if they want to check out that video where do they go?

Abby:     It's on YouTube now and the official music video is up as of yesterday. Two days ago.

Brian:     And they should search for?

Abby:     Escape Plan by Abby Sevcik. And if you need help spelling that it's S-E-V-C-I-K.

Brian:     There it is. Alright and so next up. What do we got?

Danny:     I don't do a whole lot. I program professionally so I spend a lot of time around a computer and then I go home and play video games on my Nintendo Switch.

Brian:     Fantastic. [crosstalk 00:06:42] top two video games?

Danny:     Top two video games right now are we talking?

Brian:     Yeah. Like if you were going home now what two would you likely play?

Danny:     Probably Breath of the Wild and Golf Stories the current one. It's an RPG revolving around golf.

Brian:     And if they don't happen to know what game system are those on?

Danny:     Those are on Nintendo Switch.

Brian:     Got it.

Dave:     You thought the tax lawyer was nerdy?

Danny:     I was kind of like, "You made a mistake there."

Brian:     Oh well if you guys want to compete you know I got, that's cool. Alright and now what else? Talk to me man Robbie what do you got?

Robbie:     Yeah so I'll follow up with the day job as we all have them. I'm a real estate agent so I spend a lot of time looking at houses and et cetera. In my free time me and the fiancee [Bria 00:07:27] we love to go outdoors. We do a lot of hiking and skiing all those types of things.

Brian:     And what's the latest outdoor thing that you've done that comes to mind?

Robbie:     This is kind of weird but I'll go with it anyways. My buddy lives out in Alexandria and he decided he wanted to recycle a bunch of beer cans so we were outside. We built a kiln in his backyard and melted down beer cans and turned them into art. So ...

Abby:     Very outdoorsy.

Brian:     Oh my God.

Danny:     Yeah that's the type of outdoorsy

Dave:     Yeah the destructive fire based outdoorsy.

Brian:     Oh my God that's like, I didn't know what I was expecting but I wasn't expecting that. And then we were just talking about the nerdy level of the other two guys and now, oh wow. It's so good. I love you guys. Now one of my other favorite questions that I love to ask is if you could offer one piece of advice and this is for all of you guys, I want you to answer, if you can offer one piece of advice what would it be? Abby you're first.

Abby:     I think the best piece of advice I've been offered that I often relay is don't ever get to a point where you feel like you made it. I think that there's a lot of little success that come about that you're like "Oh my gosh this is so cool." You know I think you can kind of level yourself off if you're not careful. So just always you know remaining humble but also reaching for the next level of whatever you just obtained.

Brian:     Yeah and just out of curiosity what's the most recent success moment that comes to mind for you when you say that? Don't let it get to you but what comes to mind for you?

Abby:     It's crazy 'cause I'm sure a lot of people have experienced but this was my like, "Oh my gosh I made it." Dangerous but somebody saw me off the street and was like, "Are you in that band Mystery Friends?" I was like [crosstalk 00:09:03]. And I didn't want to know 'cause I'm sure like that was probably a friend of a friend but I'm like no I'm just going to go ahead and assume that that was a complete stranger.

Brian:     I am so glad that that happened to you. That's amazing. Alright Dave you're next man talk to me.

Dave:     I would say don't be lazy. I think, you know, if this band has been nothing else but exercise and you try there's a good chance you might just succeed even when you don't think your qualified or very good and you might not be. But if you're willing to go for it. I mean we basically shown that just trying and asking and just going of rit can be remarkably successful and it's really easy to do nothing so if you have a passion for it don't be lazy. Go for it.

Brian:     Don't be lazy. Right. I like it. And what is, is music an example of where you weren't lazy or didn't be lazy?

Dave:     Yeah I would say so. I would say I don't think the band collectively is very lazy with music. I think the first couple months we played or the first six months we played. We probably were pretty lazy you know. We sat around and played and just kind of you know tried out some sounds and hung out and ate pizza and once we decided we're actually going to do it and put a focus to it and like spend the time and money to make it right it was you know eye opening how much you can go by just being willing to go for it.

Brian:     That's awesome. Very cool. Alright next up talk to us.

Danny:     I think I mean this kind of plays into what Dave was saying but it's always worth asking the question so I mean that's how we kind of got a lot of our gigs around DC was just saying, "Hey can we play here?" And reaching out to different people I mean I think we even reached out to DC Music Rocks at some point and we're like, "Hey you know I don't think we know you but we'd love to." So I really do feel like kind of, you know, it's kind of like the Michael Scott quote, "You miss a 100% of the shots you don't take." Yeah.

Brian:     Is it Michael Scott? I feel like everybody [crosstalk 00:10:45] has been quoted. So many people have been quoted saying that actually. I heard it so many times. It was Michael Jordan, [Gramsky 00:10:52] I mean there are so many. Absolutely. Charles Barclay I'm sure one day I said it.

Danny:     He said a lot of things.

Brian:     Oh my God that's amazing. Alright Robbie. You're up man. You're in here too get up here. What do you got?

Robbie:     Keep throwing me near the mic so I'll take one from some personal experience. I think that I spent a lot of time growing up around some very talented musicians and always felt that I would not be able to play at their level and that if I did try to play along with them that I would be wrong and one thing I've learned from the band and from a lot of reading that I've done recently is you know there is no right or wrong in music until you've defined it, right? So music is supposed to be a conversation and the only way to get better is to play with other people and you know if you're lucky you'll find people who are better than you like all these folks here that'll make you become a better musician.

Brian:     That's awesome. I love it. Alright keep exploring keep doing it. I love it guys. And for those folks who want to find out more about you guys and the cool stuff that's happening with Mystery Friends where do they go?

Danny: We're on Facebook at Mystery Friends. Mystery Friends on Twitter, Mystery Friends on Instagram.

Dave:     Technically Mystery Friends band on Facebook but everything else is Mystery Friends.

Danny:     Okay. Fair.

Dave:     Some reason somebody else has Mystery Friends that is not us.

Brian:     Go figure right. And it's not a Scooby-Doo reference?

Dave:     It's not a Scooby-Doo reference.

Brian:     There it is. Okay.

Robbie:     But we are taking a mystery ...

Dave:     Yeah we are taking a van on tour which is effectively the mystery van but-

Brian:     Oh my God.

Dave:     But we will not be hopefully solving a crime.

Brian:     Please put a sticker on it or something. It would-

Dave:     We'd get sued is the only [crosstalk 00:12:23].

Brian:     Oh my God you're taking a band van. That's so good.

2/27/18 - New Music Release Highlights From 2018 So Far - All Music Episode

We're on Spring Break here at DC Music Rocks.  During this vacation time for us, we're listening to the new releases just from 2018 so far, and we think they're SO GOOD!  Here's an episode full of some of the good ones we've found, we hope you enjoy!  

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  1. This Is Love, by Justin Trawick and the Common Good (Folk/Bluegrass)

  2. Blessings, by Alex Vaughn (Hip Hop/R&B)

  3. Flight 232, by Dan Wolff (Rock/Pop Rock)

  4. Be My Home, by Lauren Calve (Folk/Indie)

  5. Wide Eyed and Reckless, by Mystery Friends (Indie/Synth Pop)

  6. What Are We, by Sub-Radio (Pop/Synth Pop)

  7. The Lake, by Wylder (Indie)

  8. Dance With You, by Mista Fingaz (Electronic Pop/R&B)

  9. Pressure, by Luke James Shaffer (Rock/Pop Rock)

  10. Downtown, by Dupont Brass (Funk/Brass Band)

  11. Devastation, by Elizabeth II (Rock/Pop Rock)

  12. Boss's Dime, by Two Ton Twig (Bluegrass)

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2-27-18 All Music 2018 New Releases.jpg

9/26/17 - Special Guest: Dan Wolff of The Muddy Crows

Thanks Dan Wolff of The Muddy Crows for coming by the studio this week!

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  1. The Lost Ones, by Mystery Friends (Indie, Dance Rock)
  2. Jezebel, by Dan Wolff & The Muddy Crows (Rock, Americana)
  3. Oceanside (Rooftop in Kingston), by The Pocket (Reggae/Rock)
  4. Royalty (feat. Goldface Richy), by Milk$ (Hip Hop, Indie)
  5. Honestly, by Caleb Hacker (Indie, Pop Soul)
  6. When I Get Low I Get High, by The Bumper Jacksons (Country, Americana)

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202Creates Month of September - Closing Night Celebration - Fri Sept 29
“Come join us as we wind down the month of September with Mayor Muriel Bowser's 202Creates month. This event brings together sports, arts, music, media and tech!”


Area-301 - Product of Hip Hop (Single)
G.U.M.P. - Flight Song (Single)
Jen Miller ft Eros - Fine (Single)
Thunderball - Bulletproof: B-Sides & Rarities (16 Song Album)
Derek Evry - Pop Perspective (8 Song Album)

Teething Veils - Webbed

Soldiers of Suburbia - Rollercoasters

Stone Driver - Baggage Claim

Jen Miller - Fine (ft Eros)


Fri Sep 29
Black Masala @ Jambrew in Herndon, VA
Vim & Vigor @ Silver New American Brasserie in NW DC

Sat Sep 30
Alex The Red Robert Parez Album Release Show with Two Ton Twig @ Iota Club & Cafe in Arlington VA
Memphis Gold @ Holy Trinity Church in Mclean, VA
Bencoolen @ Tropicalia on U St in NW DC
Throwing Plates @ JamBrew OktoBrewFest in Herndon, VA
Turtle Recall @ Fado in Chinatown in NW DC

Sun Oct 1
Wylder @ Jammin Java in Vienna, VA

Tues Oct 3
Rachel Levitin @ Jammin Java in Vienna, VA

Wed Oct 4
Matt Tarka @ Gypsy Sally’s in Georgetown in NW DC

Thurs Oct 5
Albino Rhino @ Gypsy Sally’s in Georgetown in NW DC
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Dan Wolff & The Muddy Crows



The Muddy Crows

Hailing from Washington DC, Dan Wolff & The Muddy Crows are an exciting up-and-coming Americana/Roots-Rock group. Specializing in original music they also maintain an extensive repertoire of covers in a variety of genres. Twice, The Washington City Paper Readers Poll declared TMC the ‘Best Original Local Band’ for the Washington, DC area!

Official Website:



The Muddy Crows Fillmore.jpg


Brian:     On DC Music Rocks, we're shining a spotlight on the great songs artists and incredible people behind the DC region's local music scene. And hailing from Washington DC, Dan Wolff and the Muddy Crows are an exciting up and coming Americana roots rock group specializing in original music, they also maintain an extensive repertoire of covers in a variety of genres and twice the Washington City Paper reader's poll has declared the Muddy Crows as the best original local band for the Washington DC area.

     So, it is such an honor to have the winner right here. I mean my God, I first heard about them because of last year's win of the, of course I'm doing the show, and I'm going, "The best original local band? Who are these guys?" Dan's awesome and got back to me and now he's here on the show. So, Dan, thanks for being here, man.

Dan Wolff:     Thank you for having me. Yeah, we've been emailing a while.

Brian:     Yeah, this is true.

Dan Wolff:     Glad the schedules have finally aligned.

Brian:     Now, so talk to us about the Muddy Crows and how did all of it come about?

Dan Wolff:     I moved down here in 2009, I guess and I started recording some solo stuff with Ambience Recording Studios, Josh in Sail out of Germantown, which is actually how I came to know a lot of the artists. Your show is like a "Who's Who?" Of the DC music scene, which is what you're going for so that makes sense.

     I met a number of them through him and I started recording a solo album. As part of doing that solo album I had needed that played instruments that I didn't play or didn't play well enough. I started looking around, the truth is Craigslist was a life saver-

Brian:     Get out of here. It's a Craigslist thing, too? I love it. There are so many horror stories that come from that but it's amazing that we get to hear the success stories on the show. If you're listening, there's so many that talk about Craigslist but we should clarify that there's so many bad stories. I love the fact that we share the good stories, they do happen.

Dan Wolff:     They do. We had to replace a few people throughout the years DC's an interview train, it's a city and people move and take different career opportunities elsewhere. I think Craigslist has usually come through and got us replacements on short notice. We've had great success. I would agree, it used to be fairy tales and horror stories started with, "Once upon a time," now they start with, "I was on Craigslist,"

Brian:     Now, talk about the difference. You've got Dan Wolff and you've got the Muddy Crows. What's the relationship there? How does that work?

Dan Wolff:     Sure, the Muddy Crows is sort of formed out of trying to get the people together to record the solo album. Obviously, when we started performing live we needed a name so we can maybe go back to how we named the band. But over time the Muddy Crows became popular and often times there was need to build myself as a solo artist or as a trio and people seemed to think I didn't exist as a musician outside of the band-

Brian:     Also, the Muddy Crows are nothing so we had to clarify Dan Wolff is his own artist on occasion-

Dan Wolff:     Yeah, so for a while I referred to it as the Muddy Trio to kind of separate what the trio was. We had a few opportunities for duets and I thought that the Muddy Deuce no longer served its purpose as a good name for a band.

Brian:     That is really not, that is really not a good name for a band. I'm glad you didn't do that.

Dan Wolff:     Duo sounded better at the end.

Brian:     Speaking of names, how did the Muddy Crows come around? You teased us with that, what's that story?

Dan Wolff:     I think it would have been easier, as some of your other guests said that a name generator would have been its, it's tough to find a band name. Something that everyone can agree on, something that represents what you think you are as artists and something that when you Google brings up your name. That's-

Brian:     That's an important thing, absolutely.

Dan Wolff:     We went through a lot of iterations of different names and I would say, that we decided that we liked the idea of having a distinctive "the" so we thought about "The Dirty Birds" which is obviously already taken so we thought we'd make it dirtier and a bit birdier, we went to Muddy Crows.

Brian:     It's the dirtier, birdier version of the Dirty Birds is the Muddy Crows. Oh my God, it's amazing. It's another tshirt, that's two tshirt ideas on today's show, man. You are on fire, I love it. The dirtier, birdier band.

Dan Wolff:     I think on Twitter or some social media does say, "Dirtier than dirt, birdier than birds were the Muddy Crows." I don't know. The true story is we actually, that's an interesting story it's maybe not wholly true. There's a road out in Virginia, I guess people can Google it just to see where it is. I used to drive through a lot of some wealthy looking houses on the way to some training courses I was taking and I saw this, I think it's called Crooked Crow Lane.

     I like the idea of Crooked Crow and while we were trying to come up with a band I was trying to write a song called a Crooked Crow, which it never got finished because instead it went to a band name. We like the idea of the Crooked Crows, the distinctive "the" and the adjective, noun. The Crooked Crows, but there was already a Crooked Crow band that does, I think they're heavy metal or something, in DC. So CCB was out, the Crooked Crow Band was out so we tried some other options. I don't know, crooked things and rusty things and we ended up stumbling onto the Muddy Crows and when we Googled it we got zero results from Google and we said, "Great. That's our name."

Brian:     Success, there it is. Oh my God, I love it. Talk about you on the personal side, what do you outside of the music stuff?

Dan Wolff:     There's life outside of music?

Brian:     Yes. You are required to give me at least one. There's more than sleep and music, talk to me man. What's life like?

Dan Wolff:     I work a lot, I have a cyber security job in the DC area. I would say that's a high stress day job and then to relieve stress I play and sing music to people.

Brian:     Fantastic. How long has the music thing been going on?

Dan Wolff:     In the DC area I'd say since 2009 I really started taking it seriously. I think the band, despite the lack of name for a while, probably around 2012, 2013 is when we really started playing a lot more serious. It used to be we'd play short shows here and there and now in the last two years we've probably been doing over, in different configurations, about 100 shows a year.  When I say there's not much life outside of music; it's work, music and sleep.

Brian:     So wait a minute, are there TV shows? Do you go to the gym at all? There has to be something?

Dan Wolff:     I don't go to the gym but I do watch TV if I have to confess to things. It's what everyone would think; it's Game of Thrones, it's-

Brian:     Don't say that with shame, there's a lot of people who are listening who would love that.

Dan Wolff:     I feel like I should have an answer that everyone's like, "Whoa, that's a show? I never heard of that." No, it's the stuff that you have to keep up with otherwise people spoil it for you the next day in the office.

Brian:     Right. It's something that when you're talking to fans it shows. This is something other people are watching. It makes sense to me, I got it. How did music start for you? Were you a childhood prodigy in the music department? Did it start in school? Where did it go?

Dan Wolff:     Prodigy is a strong word, I think.

Brian:     I won't hold you to that one.

Dan Wolff:     My mom has cassette tapes, they used to make in the boom boxes and you'd press record and your kid would sing into them for all sorts of hours as you made them do embarrassing things. Those exist, they haven't seen the light of day in a long time and if that streak continues I think everyone's the better for it. My parents were very big into pushing all four of us into music. We had to take a band instrument in junior high, high school. I played trombone.

Brian:     Really?

Dan Wolff:     Yeah, people probably don't expect that and I have not found a way to work it into our act yet.

Brian:     There's a lot of awesome brass bands around so if you ever want to pull that out. There might be an opportunity. It's a trend right now.

Dan Wolff:     I played trombone for a number of years and it wasn't that I got into college that I really started playing guitar.

Brian:     Wow, man. You just knew it was going to be guitar or did you dabble and try out some other ones too? Some people go back and forth; bass, guitar, not sure or was it definitely guitar?

Dan Wolff:     I remember as a kid my dad always played banjo. There's be cookouts and things and everyone always thought it was awesome, he was kind of like the showman. I think I was a freshman in high school when he tried to teach me banjo and I realized pretty quickly at the time, 3 Doors Down was big, those kind of things, right? If, you wanted to play songs that people knew-

Brian:     You needed to play guitar-

Dan Wolff:     Not that I really wanted to play 3 Doors Down necessarily but just the songs you heard on the radio did not feature banjo. If only Mumford & Sons had come out sooner maybe I would have stuck with it but it seemed at the time that there wasn't a big market for a banjo player. I gave it up and didn't play anything again for another four years until I really picked up guitar in college.

Brian:     Wow. All right, that's cool. My favorite question to ask on this show is; if you could offer one piece of advice, what would it be?

Dan Wolff:     I would say, Google your band name and make sure it doesn't bring up anything embarrassing.

Brian:     Yes, search engine optimization results. That is a reality for the bands out there.

Dan Wolff:     Also, right off the bat, I've seen this with other bands and it always bothers me. We got lucky, you want to get on every social media you want to have the same band name. For me, go to Dan Wolff music Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or go to the Muddy Crows on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram social media flavor of the week and not to have different URLs for everything because it makes it hard for people to find you. I think that marketing sometimes hurts bands because even I'm trying to find them online at a show and I can't find them. Sometimes it makes it easier.

Brian:     When my team does this every week and we're tagging everybody. It's really easy if you get on the roll and you do the Facebook post and you know what it is and then you get the Instagram and it's like, "Oh, now what is it?" And then you got to open another window and you got to Google. Oh man, truly appreciate that. Good idea, same name, which by the way, DC Music Rocks. Same one in all the platforms, I truly appreciate it. It's one of those things.

     Now, one more time for those folks who are interested in finding more about following you and finding out more about what you and the Muddy Crows are doing, where do they go?

Dan Wolff:     Sure, you can go to that's Dan with two "Fs", W-O-L-F-F. or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all your social media flavors of the month, week, day, whatever. At danwolffmusic.

Brian:     Got it, and the Muddy Crows are same thing?

Dan Wolff:     Muddy Crows are all the same URLs, all the same usernames; @TheMuddyCrows.

Brian:     There it is. And the difference between the two really is the Muddy Crows is going to be more of the full band music and Dan Wolff means it's going to be more about you, personally? We connect with you personally?

Dan Wolff:     Yeah, circling back to that. Yes, I would say DanWolffmusic will have all the full band shows listed as well but will also include trios and solo shows. If you're looking for a really wild party and you want to make sure who you're going to see when you show up, you should go to, look at the schedule, it's on the front page.

Brian:     Go to the Muddy Crows for the wild party. I like it. The dirtier, birdier party. Oh my God, I'm telling you man. Please make a shirt, I would totally wear that shirt. That's amazing.