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4/3/18 - Special Guest: Lindsay, Talent Buyer for Black Cat

Thanks to Lindsay from the Black Cat for hanging out with us in the studio this week!

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  1. ***Stronger, by Juxt (Hard Rock)

  2. Stand Up, by Heather Mae (Pop, Singer-Songwriter)

  3. The Imagineers, by Crys Matthews (Folk, Americana)

  4. ***Snitch Jacket, by Two Inch Astronaut (Rock)

  5. Skim Milk, by Flasher (Rock)

***The first time we've played this artist for you on the show, & a new artist profile added to our DC Artist Database!  There's new artists every week!

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DC’s Emancipation Day celebration is Sat Apt 14, Free music and entertainment all day, plus parade and fireworks, downtown at freedom plaza.  Hope you check it out!

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  • Bencoolen - In The End (Funk Single, RIYL Dave Matthews Band)

  • Kenny Sway - Kissing On The Moon (R&B Single, RIYL Pharrell or D’Angelo)

  • Da Flame - God Answers Prayers (Gospel Single, RIYL Gospel)

  • Oh He Dead - Blood In The Water (Indie, 3 Song EP, RIYL Alabama Shakes)


Two Dragons & A Cheetah - Five By Five

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Here’s just a few highlights for the coming week, be sure to check out the calendar for the full list of all the upcoming shows!

Fri Apr 6
--Christos DC @ Tropicalia on U St (Reggae, RIYL Bob Marley)
--Two Dragons and a Cheetah & Allthebestkids @ Red Panda House (Pop/Rock/HipHop, RIYL Alanis Morrisette/Notorious B.I.G.)
--Beanstalk Library & Throwing Plates @ Pearl Street Warehouse (Rock, RIYL Neil Young/Norah Jones)
--Backbeat Underground & Aaron Abernathy @ RNR Hotel (Funk/R&B, RIYL The Funk Ark/Prince/Marvin Gaye)

Sat Apr 7
--Petalpalooza, All Day Festival @ The Wharf
--VA listeners, Brian’s drumming with Fellowcraft @ World of Beer in Ashburn.  Come enjoy some originals and covers, grab a drink, and take a selfie! (Rock, RIYL Jet/The Pixies)

Sun Apr 8
--Broke Royals @ Union Stage (Rock, RIYL The Killers)

Wed Apr 11
--Chris Cassaday Concoction @ Gypsy Sally’s (Pop/Funk/Rock, RIYL Dave Matthews/Sublime)


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Lindsay - Talent Buyer for Black Cat

Video - Bio - Links - Transcript

Lindsay's Bio:

Lindsay Smyers_Black Cat.jpg

Lindsay is the talent buyer at Black Cat. She got her start booking benefit shows in high school for the American Cancer Society. This sparked a lifelong interest in booking shows that have a positive social impact. Black Cat has been an independent bastion in the Washington DC nightlife scene for 25 years. Lindsay has had a major role in the office of Black Cat during the most recent five years in the club’s storied history. Lindsay is a headstrong individual who values ethics and principles over monetary gain when it comes to booking. You can also find her in the garden, at a pottery wheel, or rolling for initiative with her D&D party all while daydreaming about her next major crafting or work project.



Black Cat.jpg


Brian:     On D.C. Music Rocks, we're shinning a spotlight on the great songs, artists and incredible people to keep you informed about your local music community. Lindsay is the talent buyer at Black Cat. She got her start booking benefit shows in high school for the American Cancer Society and this sparked a lifelong interest in booking shows that have a positive social impact. Black Cat has been an independent bastion in the Washington, D.C. nightlife scene for 25 years. Lindsay has had a major role in the office at the Black Cat during most of the recent 5 years and in the clubs storied history. So Lindsay, as a headstrong individual who values ethics and principles over monetary gain when it comes to booking, which is an amazing phrase to hear to come out about you.

    I first came across Lindsay because Fellow Craft has played shows at Black Cat and I certainly have heard of her for so long. I've been a fan of the work that you're doing and the club for so long, so it is a treat to have you sitting here with me. Thanks for being here.

Lindsay:     Thank you. Thank you for inviting me.

Brian:     Now, tell us about Black Cat. It's the story ... Why is it called the Black Cat? Or is there a story there? Talk about the history.

Lindsay:     I could tell you probably a better story of why the ... You can write a check to the Black Cat or to Circle One Productions.

Brian:     Oh that's the proper business name?

Lindsay:     Right.

Brian:     Yeah, where does that come from?

Lindsay:     Circle One Productions is a joke that Dante [Frondo 00:01:25] our owner has ... Dante's inferno, the first circle of hell, is really where that comes from, so the Black Cat itself is probably more of just that same ... I don't think there's a specific black cat. I do know that the name has been in his family for years. There was a restaurant in the '20's that was called the Black Cat that has been carried down, so the original story for the name, I'm not sure how far back you'd actually have to go to get it.

Brian:     Interesting. So if you're ever at the Black Cat and Dante is there, ask him. Maybe he might know.

Lindsay:     Or yeah, his ancestors might, yeah.

Brian:     Or his ancestors, right. It's buried in the history books somewhere.

Lindsay:     It's been for a very, very long time.

Brian:     And you mentioned the club has a hundred year history, so where does it- ...

Lindsay:     The building.

Brian:     The building does? Tell us more about that history part. You said it's been a part of the culture in D.C., can you share a little bit more about that in terms of how it's connected to the scene? Or some of that specialness, in your opinion.

Lindsay:     The Black Cat? Sure. When Dante opened the place, he was in his early 20's. It's been around for a long time and a lot of his reason for opening it was to create a space for the community for the music that he wanted to play and wanted to share, to be there. So his perspective has always been really great for us in having him still be around. That's kind of one of the things that makes the mom-and-pop business so special, I guess, to the community is that it does focus on things like, "Hey, is this something we want to do? Is this something that would benefit our community? People that we care about." Definitely want to keep the lights on, but that's also a reason why we do want to get smaller, we do want to not kind of fall into the hype machine if you will and kind of stick to our guns and actually try to benefit that community and keep things on the lower side.

Brian:     Wow, I love that. I'm such a fan of the Black Cat, and if you've ever been to the Black Cat, where is the Black Cat?

Lindsay:     It's on 14th street, between S and T. It's actually on the same block, if you remember the old Black Cat, it's the same block, it's just a couple doors down. So I joke, this upcoming renovation is our next iteration, our next Cat life, right.

Brian:     There's nine lives that a cat has and we're getting through some of 'em.

Lindsay:     Yeah, yeah.

Brian:     Oh I like that. Now, for you then, how did you get hooked in with the Black Cat?

Lindsay:     Oh, man I remember going as a young-un. Their only age venue and then kind of entering that community then, but working there when I was 21, I moved back to D.C. to help my sister out who was going through a hard time and ended up staying and I had a good friend named Alex who played a lot of the shows we mentioned earlier back when we were a teenagers together and he was like, "Oh yeah, I started working door almost 8 years ago at this point now." And started working the kitchen and then started working for Vicki who taught me ... Her and Dante taught me everything I know and yeah, that's I guess how that happened.

Brian:     Holy.

Lindsay:     The good ole fashion way.

Brian:     Right, so you got connected in. And that was how long ago now? You've been ... We said five years?

Lindsay:     Eight with the club.

Brian:     Holy smokes.

Lindsay:     Yeah.

Brian:     That's amazing. And especially these days, people don't tend to keep jobs for eight years so it's kind of amazing that you're ... Goes to credit the great family vibe and the love that the Black Cat creates.

Lindsay:     It is. It's really special for me. As someone who moved around every two years growing up, I think the idea of community is something that is a beautiful thing in this world, it's cool.

Brian:     Yeah. And you moved every two years because dad was military?

Lindsay:     Yeah, my dad was military, which brought us to ... He worked at the Pentagon when I was 15 to 18, which is when you can reference those, we call them "die cancer die fest" at Cancer Fest and those would be back in that day from 15 to 18 in Northern Virginia would have been the area for that.

Brian:     That's so cool. And you know what? I have the same story, my dad was military and he was stationed at the Pentagon and I was here as a kid too.

Lindsay:     We're many of us around the area.

Brian:     Right. Absolutely, it's that connection. Now talk about you on the personal side, so outside of the Black Cat, hobbies? What do you do in your free time? Free time, what is that?

Lindsay:     But I have it. So many things, depending on how I'm feeling that free time. One of the things right now that I'm so excited for is April 15th is our last day of frost. I'm a big gardener so I have been germinating since January and I have ... I was joking, I think I have about 85 plants and only room for 28 of them, so if anyone needs any plants, hey let me know. I'm trying to get rid of some. It's a good news when everything germinates but that and I'm building a pottery studio in the garden this year to hopefully bring some pottery skills back into the backyard. And I'm a big hand ... Crochet, knitting, sewing.

Brian:     Wow.

Lindsay:     I like to create my own things.

Brian:     Total artsy side.

Lindsay:     Yeah I guess so.

Brian:     So you got the creative side that's not necessarily making music but it's making other art pieces and stuff like that.

Lindsay:     Making clothes or fill in the blanks. I have a nephew on the way so making a lot of baby booties right now.

Brian:     There you go. Excellent. Oh god, love those nephews. Absolutely. Now, talk about the funniest moment in the history of Black cat. What comes to mind?

Lindsay:     I mean, this one was hard for me because I find myself dealing with either things that are tragically hilarious or things that are coincidentally what? Oh my gosh how funny. There's nothing really that's, "Oh ha, ha, ha that happened. That's hilarious." So, one story that came to mind is just this funny moment, we had The Wallflowers play and man it was not the right year for them. They had come back and we were pushing the show, it was a great show in the end. It worked out fine, most things do, that's why ... Everything's fine in the end, it's just all the stress leading up to it.

    And I remember, we typically don't have many runners, we're not that big and so I had to pick up Jacob Dillon that night and as we're driving back to the club he's getting ready, we're just chatting about whatever in the car on the way to the club, it's about a five minute drive and I just chuckled and will never forget the moment I looked down and realized that there was only one headlight and it just stuck with me really hard. It was a good moment.

Brian:     Oh my god. And if you didn't catch that, think about it, do a little googling and see if you catch what she just did there 'cause oh it was so good. I love it. Now, if you could offer one piece of advice, what would it be?

Lindsay:     To be honest, I feel like a lot in the industry you have people that are trying to either convince you of something or to explain something in a way of seeming very big if it comes to ego or pride, or whatever it is. But the best thing I can find in this industry to deal with is being honest and having people ... Will respect you a lot more if you are upfront about what you can deliver or where you're- ...

Brian:     Does that have to do with when a band says how many people they can bring? Or what else are you referring to there?

Lindsay:     I guess most of the time dealing with, "Hey can I bring fire inside?" Like no, "Oh, oh please?" Or do it anyway, or things like that. It's just ... or "Why?" 'Cause of this thing, it's just easier I feel like when you're honest with people and even when it comes to shows that maybe don't do as well or shows that do way above what you would think, everyone can get their high and low points and I guess about being honest with yourself and honest with what you're doing is always gonna kinda come out on top on the end in my opinion.

Brian:     Yeah. Got it. That makes perfect sense. And actually, while we're talking about that, I was just curious, when a band emails you and says, "Hey, we want to play at the Black Cat." What do you look at? What are you thinking about?

Lindsay:     Oh man. So many things. Well, the first thing right, is hey does this fit? Does this fit our genre?

Brian:     What is that genre?

Lindsay:     Variations of alternative rock basically.

Brian:     Okay.

Lindsay:     Right? So that's where ... And now genres are so ... They just bled into each other so much that it's really hard to kinda ... It's one of the tough games that I play constantly.

Brian:     Sure.

Lindsay:     And local is a little different 'cause we want to maintain that community. I want to mention Heather May and Chris, are more singer, song writer types, which you won't typically find, those kinds of artists on the more national scale come through, but locally of course we would want to cater to that more. So, if it fits the genre, if we have the date right? 'Cause coordinating that calendar with two rooms, it's a lot to try to figure out a lot of, "Hey how long can you wait? What do you need to do?" And a lot of back and forth happens before you come to a conclusion.

Brian:     Got it. So the genre and the date, and the potentially how many people they can bring.

Lindsay:     And it's like hey how many are in your band? Do you have a 15 person band? 'Cause the back stage ...

Brian:     Right it's not big enough for five people.

Lindsay:     There's just so many question that go into it, so a lot of the hoping we can do with the new room on the third floor is a real simple setup. Hey, plug in, play and cut down on the expenses to go back into the local community, which we'll do hopefully. That's the plan.

Brian:     That's awesome. I love it. And one more time, if they want to find out more about what's happening at Black Cat, where do they go?


Brian:     That's the place.


9/12/17 - Special Guest: EXNATIONS

Thanks to Taylor of the pop group, Exnations, for coming by the studio this week!

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  1. Never About The Money, by EXNATIONS (Pop, Alternative Pop)
  2. Balance it all, by Night Train 357 (Hip Hop)
  3. High Class Girl, by Spencer Joyce (Indie/Indie Rock)
  4. Daylight, by Color Palette (Pop/Rock)
  5. Burn Blue, by Flasher (Rock)
  6. Voodoo Dollhouse, by Catscan! (Indie/Electronic Rock)

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Parklife DC article about DC Music Rocks Festival:

The DC Mayor’s 202Creates September celebration of the creative economy is here. All September, there’s going to be events all over the city!  Go attend an event!  Events are listed on the website, and if you know of an event that’s not listed, certainly contact them through the website.


Edjacated Phools - Check Out The Vibes (13 Song Full Album)
Sub-Radio - Steady (Single)
Pleasure Train - Pleasure Train Vol II (4 Song EP)
The Electric Grandmother - Cancelled (17 Song Full Album)
Caustic Casanova - Pantheon, Vol. 2 (2 song Single)
Lionize - Nuclear Soul (11 Song Full Album)
Soldiers of Suburbia - Rollercoasters (Single)
More Am Than FM - Oh The Places I've Been (5 Song EP)
Surprise Attack - Live At Groove (4 Song Live EP)
The Woodshedders - Talisman (11 Song Full Album

Alex Vaughn - Gotta Have It


Fri Sep 15
Nelly’s Echo @ Rockville Town Square in Rockville MD

Sat Sep 16
Christos DC & Many More @ H Street NE Festival in H St in NE DC

Sun Sep 17
Drive TFC on Boomerang Pirate Ship in Georgetown in NW DC

Wed Sep 20
Human Country Jukebox @ Madam’s Organ in Adams Morgan in NW DC

Thurs Sep 21
Backbeat Underground @ Gypsy Sallys in Georgetown in NW DC
Vintage #18 @ Backyard BBQ at the National Building Museum in Chinatown in DC





Exnations DC Music Rocks

It sounds exaggerated to say that EXNATIONS’ love of creating music knows no bounds, but that is quite literally case. Sal Mastrocola (vocals/guitar/synth) resides in Brooklyn, just a few state boundaries away from Dan Ciarrocchi (guitar) and Taylor Hughes (drums, synth) in the DMV . Through the miracles of file sharing, home-recording software and caffeine, they present “Never About the Money," their latest single that came to life from multiple East Coast cities. Drummer, Taylor Hughes says, “We were never all in the same room during this process, Sal recorded vocals in his bedroom, Dan recorded guitars with Chris Freeland(Future Islands, Wye Oak) and drums were done with JK Royston out of his studio in Richmond, VA. We’re literally all over the place”. The band plans to release an EP in the coming months in addition to playing shows throughout the East Coast to support its release. 

All your links/URLs:

Twitter: @exnationsband

Instagram: @exnations

Exnations DC Music Rocks
Poodell, The Poodle, as discussed at the end of the interview with Taylor!

Poodell, The Poodle, as discussed at the end of the interview with Taylor!


Brian:     On DC Music Rocks, we are shining a spotlight on the great songs and incredible people behind the DC region's local music scene. EXNATIONS is a pop trio with connections to northwest DC. It sounds exaggerated to say that EXNATIONS' love of creating music knows no bounds, but that is quite literally the case.  While Sal resides in Brooklyn, Dan and Taylor are in the DMV region. And through the miracle of file-sharing, home recording software, and caffeine-

Taylor:     So much caffeine.

Brian:     So much caffeine, they present their latest single that you just heard, Never About the Money. I first stumbled across these guys back, last year, I just, I became an EXNATIONS fan, and I've been following them ever since. And it is such a treat to now have you hear live with me. Taylor, this is awesome, thanks for being here.

Taylor:     I feel like I've known you forever, but through the internet.

Brian:     Right? I was gonna ...

Taylor:     Internet is a weird place.

Brian:     It really is, but it's an amazing place, I love it, very cool. Alright so, right off the bat, talk about EXNATIONS. It's a three state deal, like how did EXNATIONS come together?

Taylor:     Okay, well, I had met Dan, the guitar player, long time ago on the internet of all places.

Brian:     Excellent.

Taylor:     We've been Facebook friends for forever, we've been kind of in the same circle. He was in a band called Parks Landing a while back, and I'd always liked the work he'd done. And when I was going through a line up change, Dan was one of the first people that came to mind.

     So I met up with Dan and we clicked right off the bat. And we're like, "We need to find a singer." And he hit up an old college friend, Sal, to see if he'd be interested, or know anybody who'd be interested in doing this project. And Sal was interested, so the next week probably, I went up to Brooklyn, I met him in a record shop in Brooklyn.

Brian:     Wow.

Taylor:     And about an hour of just chatting and looking at records together, I was like, "I want him in my band. I'm not gonna meet with anybody else while I'm here," because I was supposed to meet up with someone. I went over my time with Sal, and I was like, "This is the man, I want him," so that's kind of how it started.

Brian:     Wow, very cool. And now, the name EXNATIONS, where does that come from?

Taylor:     Well originally, we were going to be called Nations, and we realized that was a really hard name to pull off, because when you Google Nations ...

Brian:     So true, you would never win the SEO or the search engine optimization battle on Google to find your band in the keyword, Nations. This is so true.

Taylor:     Yeah. So we thought the EX was cool we had all come from different bands before, so it was kind of all these ex band members making one new thing, I.e., nation, so it just kind of rolled into the same name, and that's how it was born.

Brian:     Nice. So the exes were your influence on your name, that's really ... It's sort of, there are so many ways to take that, but I really dig it. That's fun.

     Alright, and now, you're DC, where are you from? You're local here.

Taylor:     I am local. I was actually born in Baltimore. I spent the shortest stint of time in Georgetown, I was working at Madewell in Georgetown. But I actually moved back to Baltimore, but I still frequent this area because I love it so much.

Brian:     And then more about the DC connection then ... Well okay, so a little bit of time in Georgetown, and then here quite often?

Taylor:     Yeah, and my previous members of EXNATIONS, who I originally met you with, they are actually from DC. So that was kind of like the big DC connection. I was here with them.

Brian:     Cool, so it's a whole generation of DC going on here, in a way.

Taylor:     Yes.

Brian:     Wow. Alright, and now, talk about you on the personal side now, outside of the music thing, what's life like for you outside of that?

Taylor:     I have a poodle who's named Poodle.

Brian:     No, no, you have a poodle named Poodle, for real?

Taylor:     Yes, yes I do.

 You guys can check him out on Instagram. His username is Poodell

Brian:     And that way you can never forget what type of dog he is.

Taylor:     Exactly.

Brian:     Because if you're wondering, Poodle is a poodle. Oh my god, that's funny.

Taylor:     In a bow tie.

Brian:     Oh no, alright, I'm gonna go stalk you on Instagram for that, that's really funny. Alright, and what else, so there's a poodle.

Taylor:     There is the Poodle.

Brian:     Okay.

Taylor:     I like to skateboard, I like to just generally goof off. I watch a lot of really really bad TV on purpose.

Brian:     Okay, like what? When you say really bad TV, what does that mean?

Taylor:     I just finished the new version of 90210 the other day.

Brian:     Really?

Taylor:     I put myself thought the trauma of terrible TV. One Tree Hill? Been watching it nonstop since 2004. And I love it, it's like something comforting about how horrible it is, I love it.

Brian:     Oh, man. And to every body out there who loves those shows, we show appreciate you too, but that's really funny.

Taylor:     We should talk about it, like I do love it.

Brian:     Reach out and talk to her about 90210 and One Tree Hill for sure. Oh, man, that's funny.

    Alright, so now back to you as a performer then, talk about the funniest moment that comes to mind when you think about performances and EXNATIONS.

Taylor:     Yes, okay. So this is a fairly new story, it happened over the weekend. I was at Shadow of the City in New Jersey, it's a festival that Jack Antonoff from Bleachers put together, and since we're super close in sound, I thought it'd be a good idea to promote the band there. So I grabbed a bunch of postcards and went in there, and we were right up front on the stage, and I was passing out some postcards or whatever. And this girl just came up to me after I gave her a postcard, right then and there, she came out to me, number one ...

Brian:     Came out to you meaning, so she's a lesbian? Came out to you.

Taylor:     She's a lesbian. I guess I just scream lesbian because ...

Brian:     That's something important that people want to tell you, okay, that's funny.

Taylor:     Yeah, so she came up to me, and she just came out to me, grabbed my face, and kissed me. Like tried to kiss me, and I backed away, I was like, "Ah!" I backed away really quickly. And when she could tell that I was visibly uncomfortable, she tried to give me $6. That's really weird.

Brian:     I don't know whether to take that as a complement because she even almost wanted to pay you for the kiss, or whether that's an insult because it's only freaking six bucks, what the heck.

Taylor:     Well the way that I took it, I was worth more than $5, and worth more than $1, so she combined them and gave me the most ultimate gift that she possibly could put together in her inebriated state.

Brian:     Oh, alcohol was involved, now I get it.

Taylor:     Oh yeah.

Brian:     Okay. Oh man, I love that. Alright, so now, so what's something in your music collection that might surprise us?

Taylor:     I am a huge, huge pop fan. Buried beneath all of the Sonic Youth and ...

Brian:     Wait a minute, but you are a pop artist?

Taylor:     But I mean like pop pop, like Taylor Swift, Spice Girls, yes.

Brian:     Yes, okay.

Taylor:     Yes, I love, love, love top 40s pop. And I'm so open about it. I used to have it as like a guilty pleasure kind of thing, but now I'm so open and honest about the pop that I hold dear to my heart.

Brian:     So favorite Spice Girl's song, it's time to admit it.

Taylor:     Am I gonna basic if I say, If You Wanna Be My Lover?

Brian:     You gotta be with my friends.

Taylor:     Yeah, I had all the Spice Girl Barbie dolls as a child. Still have them, still have them, guys.

Brian:     Oh, that is excellent, I love it.

     Alright, so now, go back to the beginning now. When you started performing then, what's your first memory with music? How did music enter your life?

Taylor:     I was five, and I actually asked for a drum kit. I always knew that I wanted to play drums, and my parents hated that. They're like, "We cannot give this rambunctious five year old a drum kit, like we cannot do it." So they took me to the music store and got me an electric guitar with no amplifier, and closed the door.

Brian:     And how old were you when this happened?

Taylor:     I was five.

Brian:     Wow, okay.

Taylor:     So I had this Fender Strat that I would take to elementary school with me, that was pretty much the same size of me, because we had show and tell at school.

Brian:     Right. Oh, excellent.

Taylor:     So I would always take my guitar that was bigger than me, and play them, I think Mary Had a Little Lamb was my strong suit at the time.

Brian:     Oh my goodness.

Taylor:     Yeah, it was pretty long.

Brian:     So it started with guitar. And now ... and you know I realized we didn't even mention, so what do you play in the band? And what does everybody else play in the band? Who are the members now?

Taylor:     I'm the drummer. I also play synth and dabble in bass in the studio, I don't play bass live or anything.

Brian:     Okay.

Taylor:     Dan is the guitarist, and he does vocals. And Sal is the singer, guitarist, and he also does some synth.

Brian:     Got it. And so it's three pieces going on?

Taylor:     Yep.

Brian:     That's it, and you're the drummer, nice. Along with synth and some other things.

     Well so then your earliest ... I'm gonna switch gears. If you could offer, and this is just my favorite question, and I just want to jump to it because I'm excited about it. If you could offer one piece of advice, what would it be?

Taylor:     This is geared towards all the ladies that are playing music, and it's something that you'll experience time and time again, especially when you go to a music store, stand your ground. Don't let people try and school you on something you already know. Does that make sense? I feel like I get the ...

Brian:     Yeah, what's an example? It seems like you have experience with this. What comes to mind?

Taylor:     Oh yeah. I almost feel like I'm being tested sometimes with the guys in the industry. They don't really believe that you know what you're talking about, or that you can play, you always kind of have prove yourself time and time again. So when you're at the music shop, and you're going in there for something specific, and they try and explain to you what you're looking for ...

Brian:     Don't take that.

Taylor:     Don't take it.

Brian:     Tell them you already know. I love it. Alright, all the ladies out there, you heard it, stand your ground in the music store.

Taylor:     Do it.

Brian:     I love it. That is really cool. And for those folks who liked the song and want to follow you and the upcoming EP you said that's gonna be released, where do they go to follow EXNATIONS?

Taylor:     You can find everything at We're on Spotify, Apple Music, super easy to find.

Brian:     Fantastic. And, and then are you social media as well?

Taylor:     Oh yeah, you can find all of that right on EXNATIONS. And more importantly, for social media, you have to go to

Brian:     Spell that, what is that, P ...

Taylor:     It's P-O-O-D-E-L-L, that's my poodle's Instagram.

Brian:     Oh my god, your poodle has an Instagram. Oh god, I don't know what to say, I don't know whether to be really excited or just laugh hysterically.