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September 13, 2016

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  1. District Sky Punch - Proximate Loss (Indie/Pop)
  2. Edjacated Phools - The Truth (Reggae/Hip Hop)
  3. Christos DC - Another Day (Reggae/R&B)
  4. Christos DC - Human Dignity (Reggae/R&B)
  5. Rare Essence ft Raheem Devaughn & Dee Boy - Tryna Go (Hip Hop/Go Go)
  6. Empresarios - Volume (Latin/House)
  7. Empresarios - The Vibes ft Ephniko - Milk$ Remix (Latin/Rap)
  8. Deb Felz - Raining in Baltimore (Pop/Indie)
  9. Lionize - Your Trying To Kill Me (Rock/Blues)
  10. The Split Seconds - Falling in a Dream (Punk/Hard Rock)
  11. Jason Masi - I Will Make It Up To You (Pop/Indie Rock)
  12. Intro/Outro music by Fellowcraft (Hard Rock/Blues)

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