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July 26, 2016 Show

^^Episode Is Live Now - Click Above (might take time to buffer/load, refresh page if issue)^^

  1. DC Music Rocks Listeners Choice Track of the Week: Albino Rhino - Walk In Squares  (Funk/Blues)
  2. The Jones - Bruises (Rock)
  3. Aaron Tinjum and the Tangents - Silver in the Foothills  (Rock/Folk Rock)
  4. Dan Wolff & The Muddy Crows - Straight Crazy  (Rock/Americana)
  5. Lisa Said - For Today (Rock/Americana)
  6. Don Zientara - The Things You Do (Rock/Americana)
  7. The Meer - Medicine (Rock/Acoustic Rock) -- Glory In Sound DC Music Blog
  8. Amy Wilcox - Summer in Slow Motion (Country)
  9. Black Masala - Too Hot To Wait (Pop/Brassband)
  10. Raheem DeVaughn - I Don't Care (R&B)
  11. Raheem DeVaughn ft R. Kelly (R&B/HipHop)

Cool Venue Spotlight: Acre 121 - Voted best place to have dinner and hear live music in the Washington City Paper's Reader's Poll

I'm looking for great DC Musicians who have released music!  Know of any?  Send them my way or send this to them!