This week on DC Music Rocks, Brent & Co., a band that combines rock, country, reggae and pop with improvisation to create memorable and refreshing music with heart and soul, stops by for a chat with host Brian Nelson-Palmer.  The episode also features great tracks by Anthony Alvarado, Dominic Fragman, Bad Influence, and Swampcandy.


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Brent & Co.

Brent & Co. Bio/Links:

Keeping it simple and soulful, Brent & Co. combines rock, country, reggae and pop with improvisation to create memorable and refreshing music with heart and soul. Performing over 250 shows a year, this is a sound crafted on the road and in front of audiences in Washington, DC & nationwide .

The strength of their live show, naturally, starts with the band members themselves. Theirs is a brotherhood forged on the road - in a station wagon - with over 250 acoustic & full band shows a year. Vocalist/guitarist Brent Peterson is joined on stage by drummer Dominic Fragman, saxophonist Derrick Michaels, and bassist Joe Martone. While the members of Brent & Co. come from varied musical backgrounds, their strong musicianship ties their sound together seamlessly.


Brent & Co.
Brent & Co.

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  1. ***Susto, by Anthony Alvarado (Folk, Indie Folk)

  2. Dueling Creek, by Brent & Co. (Rock, Acoustic)

  3. ***Obsonatus, by Dominic Fragman (Hard Rock, Blues)

  4. ***Man Child, by Bad Influence (Blues, Blues Rock)

  5. Dean Man Walking, by Swampcandy (Folk, Americana)

***The first time we've played this artist for you on the show, & a new artist profile added to our DC Artist Database!  There's new artists every week!

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  1. NEW PLAYLIST - This Week’s Dose of DC Music!

    We realize some people want small doses and want playlists to be kept fresh.  Spotify does this, there’s no reason you can’t have this with your local music.  We can do that! It’s our latest playlist, and we’ll be refreshing it weekly. All-new-all-the-time!  You’ll love following this one!


    How to do a successful release in a streaming music world is a real issue these days.  If that’s something you’re curious about, or someone you know might be interested in learning about, 2 interesting things came across my desk this week I wanted to share.  

    Spotify Playlist Pitching, Review Of Playlist Push

    CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast - Successful Release Strategies in a Streaming World:


There’s links to their profile which: 1) Have their iTunes/Spotify links so you can listen, and 2) have their Website/Facebook links for more info!


  • Dupont Brass - Halftime
     (9 Song Hip Hop/Funk/RNB w Horns Album - RIYL The Roots)

  • Teddy Chipouras - Teddy Chipouras (Self Titled Album)
     (11 Song Folk Album - RIYL The Avett Brothers, The Lumineers, Dawes, Mumford and Sons)

  • Beau Young Prince - Groovy Land
     (7 Song Hip Hop EP - RIYL Andre 3K, Outkast)

  • RDGLDGRN - Clapback
     (Pop Single - RIYL Gorillaz, NERD)

  • Clones of Clones - Mr. Sanity
     (Pop Rock Single - RIYL Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons)

  • Prinze George - We Won’t Last The Night
     (Electro Indie Pop Single - Metric, Purity Ring, MS MR, London Grammar)

  • Del Florida - Dream’n Again
     (Pop Single - RIYL hiatus kaiyote, vulfpeck, nao, ariel pink, her's



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