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  1. Blues Condition - Number Nine Train (Rock)
  2. NEW! Clones of Clones - The Test (Rock)
  3. NEW! Alex Vans Bad Business - I Love You All The Time  (Pop/Rock)
  4. Ex Hex - Don't Wanna Lose  (Rock)
  5. The Split Seconds - Is This What I Get  (Punk)
  6. Albino Rhino - Walk In Squares  (Funk/Blues)
  7. Wanted Man - Pardon Me If I Stare  (Rock/Blues)
  8. Lionize - Anacostia  (Rock)
  9. Bobby Thompson - Let Your Mojo Shine  (Blues)
  10. Bustin Loose - Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers  (HipHop/GoGo)

I'm looking for great DC Musicians who've released music!  Know of any?  Send them my way!