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What Is DC Music Rocks?

We're the best place to find and follow the DC region’s local music scene.

Brian Nelson-Palmer
  • Syndicated FM Radio Show:

  • Popular Weekly Podcast With Thousands Of Subscribers

  • Easily Searched Artist Database: Features profiles of hundreds of local artists from the DC region.

  • Detailed Local Music Calendar: DC Music Rocks is the only site to offer a calendar exclusively about local musicians performing in a 25 mile radius around DC.

  • Expansive Playlists: Hundreds of hours of music exclusively by local artists.

  • More Ways To Connect and Share: DC Music Rocks offers even more great features like a YouTube channel, resources page, and so much more.

Let Us Do The Booking

We can Handle the booking for your venue or event!

  1. No one knows the bands quite as well as Brian. Starting in 2016, Brian's been at the cutting edge of what's happening in the DC Music Scene. We know all the bands, and the bands know us, because we're reporting on them weekly on our show, and following them all. They share their exciting news with us! We don't just know OF hundreds of bands, we KNOW the people in those hundreds of bands. We have our finger on the pulse of DC's music scene. Who's releasing hot new music? Who's playing big shows? Who's making a splash? This is what we do! 

  2. We have a deep understanding of the business from all sides. Brian went to school for business, was the general manager of several retail stores for years, and now negotiates multi-million dollar contracts on behalf of the government, so he understands business and developing agreements. He is also the drummer in a successful rock band, and has years of experience actually playing shows, so he understands the musician's side. He's also the creator and host of DC Music Rocks, and hosts an annual festival at the 9:30 Club in DC, so he has experience planning events of all sizes. With that level of expertise on all sides of the music, Brian can set you up with the bands that will make your event both memorable, and a huge success. 

  3. We have backups and more backups. The band you booked cancels, what do you do?  This is another reason we're so valuable. We have the cell phone numbers to hundreds of bands in the area, so if something falls through, someone gets sick, and we only have a matter of days until the event, we have solutions!

How It Will Work

  1. We'll connect to discuss your details and what you're looking for.
  2. We'll reach out check availability, coordinate with the bands, make the arrangements, and provide details and logistics to both you and the band(s).

The cost

Just Booking

  • Normally the band pays a percentage to us for booking them, so no additional cost to you and nothing you need to worry about.

Full Service Event Planning

  • $100/hr or let's discuss a flat rate. Between running our own festivals and working in the community for so many years, we're connected to all the right people to set up your event. Food? Got it covered. Venues? Know most all of them. Entertainment? Yep! Stage and Sound? Of course!

Let’s Talk!

This is for people and venues looking to book local bands  

If you are with a band, see who we're looking for and what we need from you.  

Reaching out for something other than booking?  Visit our contact page.