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Recommended if you like:  Green Day, The Buzzcocks, Deadboys

3 incredibly interesting and entertaining DC related facts about the band? Give us good stuff, not normal bio stuff!: 1) Drew's old band The Coastals recorded with producer Don Zientara (Minor Threat, Fugazi, Rites of Spring) and put out a record on Dischord
2) During college Drew worked as a security officer at DC office buildings including the building where Bob Dole works
3) Drew got forcibly ejected from a Kill Lincoln show at Rock and Roll Hotel for telling the security guard to go F*** himself

Our bassist Stephen is a grad of American University and sells guitars at Chuck Levins. 

Drummer Sean is a recent transplant from Michigan who is a world class euphonium player who has toured Europe with orchestras. 

2nd guitar Alex is a computer science student in his last semester at UMCP.