Band/Artist Name & Pronunciation: The Fringe Benefits

Recommended if you like: Demo Lavato, Heart, Whitney Houston.  We play a lot of Motown, some disco, rock and new pop songs. We sound a lot like every song we perform however, we tend to "Mash-up" a lot of songs together. We don't like there to be time in between songs because our dance floors are full. It only takes 3 seconds for dancers to leave a floor. But it takes 20 seconds to fill it back up. THAT'S our gaol. Keep the floor packed and the arms up in the air at all times. I think people like the exercise anyways. It's pretty cool to see people dancing so hard and when it's time to leave, they've gotten a lot of exercise and won't forget what just happened.

Story behind your band/artist name: I wanted to start something that was not like all the other bands that I was in. NOT Classic Rock in other words. It seemed to me that 90% of the bands out there playing at establishments were all playing the same old songs. After dabbling with the idea of working with my son (lead guitarist of Nocturnal Rush) at the age of 13, we were just not going to see eye to eye. I ended up finding Bruce Moore through an on line band search. Bruce was pretty different. He plays synth on his guitar and because of that, we would be able to venture into a lot of different genres without having to bring on a whole lote of other musicians. Bruce and I hit it off right away. We picked up a drummer from my former band Drew Young. Then soon, through Drew, we found Julianna Smith. Wow, what a presence she had about her while at the same time being humble. The only peice left was a Bass player. We interviewed several before settling on Greg. I remember Julianna liking them all but us boys kept saying No, No, No. We wanted someone really good. When Greg auditioned, it was a not a question of if we would let him in. It was a question of wheather or not he'd join. Greg is very talented. Multi talented actually. After four years, Greg is now the bands drummer. lol He's actually better fit on drums than on bass. We decided to put Greg on drums because Greg knew another great bass player named TeeJay. TeeJay is an incredibly talented player. He knew all of our songs instantly. He also sings although we are just getting ready to throw him a couple tunes. He's fitting in perfectly. This band has five singers all of which take leads on songs. We are vocally strong. We consider Julianna to be the front person because not only is she an incredible singer, she's got the "IT" factor with her HUGE stage presence. She's got a connection to every audience we play for. Personally, I've never seen anyone walk into a room and read it like Julianna does. At our shows, it's all eyes on her. Even if I'm singing lead on a song, people just cannot take their eyes off her. It's frankly kinda strange singing a song and everyone is looking at the person next to you. he he he. Ya see, she's also got the moves. But you won't know what I'm talking about until you go to a show. It's pretty incredible. How she isn't world famous is beyond me. Anyway, It's been for wonderful years. The crowds are getting bigger and the shows are getting even more energetic every time.

Band Members: John Fichtner lead guitar and vocals, Bruce Moore Synth, guitar and Vocals, Julianna Smith Lead Vocals, Gregg Sales Drums, TeeJay Bass

What part of the DC region is the artist tied to and how? Where is the artist's current home base if not DC : Prince William County where we rehearse and regularly perform in all 3 sections of the county Woodbridge, Manassas and Haymarket.  We're based in Gainesville Va. We play weddings in DC and are hoping to break into the music scene in a bigger way as soon as your radio station helps get the word out. lol

At least 3 interesting/entertaining facts about the band related to persons/events in Washington DC area: Bruce is the unoffical band appointed "President" of Manassas. It's because of my involvement with the community including serving on the board of the Center for the Arts at the Candy Factory in Manassas as well as the board of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce and being an alumni of Leadership Prince William. 

Greg plays in at least 2 other bands, "100 Rainy Days" where he fronts a police cover band and "Loud Town" a female fronted rock band. Greg is incredibly talented, easy to get along with and has good judgment. We trust Greg to tell us how to sing and play our songs. Many songs have more parts than we can play live, so Greg has a great sense of what can be left out and what is essential. 

John, Greg, Bruce and Julianna are all type A personalities that want to take charge. We had some clashes but quickly found our lanes. Greg with the production, Julianna as a musical motivator and competitor, Bruce as a manager, John helps make decisions and leads the way. I used to have trouble defining John's magic, but I've settles on saying that that dude is full of life and it's contagious. Teejay is our newest member that follows right along with our personalities while quietly playing bass in a way that is making us all better musicians.

Anything else we should know, or you want to share: Brian always has positive things to say about artists, tracks, shows and music. I never hear him says- "that guy is a jerk" or" that track sucks". I really appreciate that he brings things to the show in a positive way. There are some great artists in the area and I got to hear some at his show a couple of months ago. Looking forward to the next one.

I'd also like to talk about our songs on the album. Each of 3 original songs with stories behind them and a cover of the "most controversial song in the country" - The Star Spangled Banner!

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Main Genre: Pop

Other Genres: southern rock, country, pop-rocks, R&B