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Surprise Attack

We try to sound like Phish, String Cheese Incident, Grateful Dead, and countless other jam heroes.

Story Behind Your Name:  It's the name we chose in high school before we got the band back together! No one remembers why we picked it, but it works particularly well for what we do now!

Members:  Dan (bass, vox), Ian (drums, vox), Jay (percussion), Jeremy (keyboards, vox), Tom (guitars, vox)

Homebase:  The Arlington and East Falls Church area is our home base. We practice and record there.

3 Fun DC Facts about the Band:

1) Before shows, Surprise Attack is frequently seen marching around the National Mall singing their a cappella rendition of 'America the Beautiful’ for vocal warm ups.

2) Surprise Attack was asked multiple times to play at Trump’s presidential inauguration but declined the invitation, not for political reasons, but because administration officials refused to allow the band to perform wearing only American flag body paint.

3) Surprise Attack's crowning achievement was designing the arrangement to fit 5 cases of PBR inside of their minifridge. It was epic.

BIO - With their unexpectedly eclectic blend of funk, jazz, rock, roots music, and hip hop, Surprise Attack pushes the envelope when it comes to seamlessly blending genres and experimenting with improvisation. Multi-part harmonies, searing instrumental leads, dynamic rhythmic breaks, and nostalgic covers are only a few of the tools Surprise Attack uses to “oops, pow, surprise” the audience. The five piece demonstrates a keen ability to reflect the energy of an audience back at them, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.







Main Genre: Funk

Jam, Rock, Jazz, Progressive, Bluegrass, Hip Hop