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3 incredibly interesting and entertaining DC related facts about the band? Give us good stuff, not normal bio stuff!: We once managed to shove nearly all the band's equipment into a Car2Go. There was barely space to drive. It was kind of incredible. . 

The first band Carlos ever played and sang in was a mariachi band in Phoenix AZ. Mariachi --> Indie rock! 

We have a habit of locking the keys in the car after shows while packing up. This has happened enough times that we've taken to stashing a few extra keys in equipment and bags just in case...

Anything else we should know, or you want to share?: This first album was written / arranged, performed, recorded and mixed by Carlos, over what seemed like an eternity. The songs change somewhat live as the other members bring their own sounds and feeling to them.

The songs range from sentimental ballad-y compositions (Fireflies) to angry denouncements (Blissful Idiot) to more electronic rock (Phosphorescence). 

Many of the themes on the album involve love, loss, and relationships in general. The first song (and somewhat title track) "The Margins" is about isolation and failing. The song "Drown" is about climate change and the need to wake up and demand action.