Lindsey Buckingham Palace


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Band/Artist Name & Pronunciation: Lindsey Buckingham Palace (lin say bug gin ham pa les)

Recommended if you like: AC/DC, Social Destruction, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Story behind your band/artist name: LBP brings catchy, raw, hook filled rock & roll to the forefront of the DC music scene. Together LBP creates a unique brand of rock n' roll that is bolstered by driving rhythms and elements of catchy power-pop, 80’s metal and 70’s classic rock. Their music is comprised of energetic rock anthems that are meant to be listened to loud. So crank it up and long live rock n' roll.

Band Members: Mike Hill (lead vocal,guitar) Mark Minicucci (guitar) Marc Rothschild (bass) Made Ployamornrat (drums)

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Main Genre: Hard Rock

Other Genres: Classic rock, metal, funk