Band/Artist Name & Pronunciation: Jen Miller (Produced by Jake Vicious, Jonathan Easter)

Recommended if you like: Marian Hill, Sylvan Esso, Adele, Sia

Story behind your band/artist name: My mom named me Jennifer because it was the 90s.

Band Members:

What part of the DC region is the artist tied to and how? Where is the artist's current home base if not DC : DC/Nashville

At least 3 interesting/entertaining facts about the band related to persons/events in Washington DC area: When I'm in DC, I try to eat an eggplant parm sandwich from Bub & Pops 2x week.
I once ate shit off the steps at the Lincoln monument.
Jake Vicious and I worked on all these records in House Studio, which is in Hyattsville.

Anything else we should know, or you want to share: This song is a story about a very hard day in Washington, D.C. when I was sort of surprised with a think piece on the loss of a close friend. I had a slight meltdown at work, proceeded to tell nobody, walked outside and all around downtown DC. When I got on the train (good ole WMATA, hahaha), I saw the usual sights: people with headphones, cell phones, and tired expressions. I knew if my lil angel was given more time here on earth, he would have been enjoying his ride more than these folks. And for some reason, that gave me peace.

Official Website URL: www.jenmillermusic.com

Facebook URL: www.facebook.com/jenmillermusic

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/jen-miller/262325085

Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/30knh23soJHuIwfPYpkEPZ

Other Links: www.twitter.com/jenerallyspeaks

Main Genre: Indie

Other Genres: indie pop, alt pop, electropop, pop, independent