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Band/Artist Name: Jackie and The Treehorns

Recommended if you like: Queens Of The Stone Age, Flaming Lips, Secret Machines, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

Band Members: Steven Rubin -vocals and guitar, Pat Kehs -Bass, Austin Madert -Guitar, Chris Martin -Drums

What part of the DC region is the artist tied to and how? Where is the artist's current home base if not DC :Rehearsal studio is in Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, VA

At least 3 interesting/entertaining facts about the band related to persons/events in Washington DC area: Jackie and the treehorns have recorded two albums at Inner Ear Studio in Arlington, VA with the legendary audio engineer Don Zientara. "Do You Mind If I Wear A Clown Mask" released May 2015 and "RU4REAL?" released September 30, 2016

A couple of the songs on the bands newest album titled RU4REAL? deals with an alien encounter where the band abducts the alien and makes him join the band. 

Original artwork for the album was created by local artist Bruce Scallon

“I was going to go out and buy the new iPhone, but now I’m just going to download Jackie’s album 400 times” — Annoymous Blogger

“Jackie is what Willis was talkin’ ‘bout.” — Arnold Drummond

“Jackie is everybody’s safe word.” — Bear

Anything else we should know, or you want to share: Our bandcamp page offers free streaming of the album along with lyrics and original art created for each song.

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Main Genre: Rock

Other Genres: Alternative Rock