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Band/Artist Name & Pronunciation: Honest Haloway (Hal is pronounced like the name Al, not like Hall)

Recommended if you like: We take a lot of influence from indie rock / electronica bands. Some of the more popular bands would be "Local Natives", "Tame Impala", "Grizzly Bear" & "M83"

Story behind your band/artist name: I was going to call it Honest Hemingway initially, but at the time it seemed like there were a lot of bands doing a play on a famous persons name. For example "Com Truise" & "Gnarls Barkley". I didn't want it to come across as a joke so I changed it to Haloway because I thought it had a nice ring.

Band Members: Tim Kratzer (vocals, keys), Fico Lazzaro-Colon (Bass), Greg Balleza (Guitar, Keys), Paul Burgess (Backing Vocals, Guitar, keys), Ed Barnabas (Drums)

What part of the DC region is the artist tied to and how? Where is the artist's current home base if not DC : We all live in DC, except for Ed who is in Maryland. A few of us are DMV natives.

At least 3 interesting/entertaining facts about the band related to persons/events in Washington DC area: - I (Tim) actually met Fico and Ed when trying out for their DC band "Cedars" I believe around 2005 or 2006. I never joined and ended up starting my own project. Many years later it all came full circle when I was looking for a bassist and drummer, Ed and Fico joined my band Honest Haloway.

- Myself (Tim) and Greg are both DMV natives. We actually met in Guitar class in 8th or 9th grade I think. That was about 20 years ago and we've been either working on music together or getting feedback from each other ever since. 

- Surprisingly we're all fans of the local sports teams (except Paul), which is not common in a transient place like DC. Anyways, we're all used to being disappointed.

Anything else we should know, or you want to share:

Official Website URL: https://www.honesthaloway.com/

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/honesthaloway

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/honest-haloway/id447096970

Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5rM7yR1sjTc2pXUD7Qbeqh

Other Links: https://soundcloud.com/honesthaloway

Main Genre: Indie

Other Genres: indie rock/electronica