Band/Artist Name & Pronunciation: Hayley Fahey,  HAY-lee  FAY-hee

Recommended if you like: Bonnie Raitt, Eva Cassidy, Zac Brown Band

Story behind your band/artist name: We thought a lot about this one... (haha). Hayley wanted to perform as an artist, but backed by a band of world class musicians on her original songs. So the band name was simple: the Hayley Fahey Band.

Band Members: Hayley Fahey Band: Hayley Fahey (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keys) - John Trupp (Electric Guitar) - Matt Tredwell (Drums)

What part of the DC region is the artist tied to and how? Where is the artist's current home base if not DC : Derwood, MD - Hayley got her start performing at school, and the local venue, Outta the Way Cafe when she was a kid, and now some of her music students also perform there as well. Matt and John both reside in Derwood too, so there's a community home base here.

At least 3 interesting/entertaining facts about the band related to persons/events in Washington DC area: The Hayley Fahey Band was formed in 2016. John Trupp (electric guitar) produced Hayley's first album, "Sweet Red" before the band was fully formed. The first full band single, "Good Kind of Crazy," showcases the band energy on an upbeat original tune. The first full band album is set for release in 2017. 

In addition to performing with her band, Hayley has also performed alongside with a variety of DC artists including Daryl Davis, Keith Grimes, Wes Crawford, Dan Quinn, Patty Reese, Sandra Dean, and more at Bethesda Blues and Jazz. She played the Hamilton for a Beatles Love songs tribute show, with the Lofgren Brothers, Véronneau, Julia Nixon, Todd Wright, Taylor Carson, and more, as well as other Newmyer Flyer events. In her hometown at Outta the Way Cafe she has played events with other great musicians such as the Sidleys, Stig, her Uncle Patrick Fahey (mandolin), and her original accompanist, her Dad.

Anything else we should know, or you want to share: DC Music Rocks!!!

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Main Genre: Rock

Other Genres: Indie Rock, Alternative, Singer-Songwriter, Blues, Soul, Country, Pop