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Band/Artist Name & Pronunciation: Frend (pronounced Friend)

Recommended if you like: Nirvana, Shellac, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Hot Snakes, Talking Heads

Story behind your band/artist name: My boss named the band. I asked him to name it because he really likes naming things and Im terrible at naming bands I've been in. Here are some examples of bands that I've been in with terrible names: the Astrojaxx, Red Beans and Rice, Six Pack Summer, the Guilty Pleasures, the 21st Century Electric Peace Movement, Miniboone... I asked my boss to give me a list of band names with a few examples and criteria. Most of it was garbage, but the name Friend was on there, and it really spoke to me. Seemed like a bold choice given the music was so aggressive. We went under that name for a little while. Eventually I decided to drop the "i" in the word for a few reasons. I really like it when bands do alternate spellings, like Alvvays and Chvrches, and when I was playing around with it, I looked it up online and the urban dictionary definition of the word really spoke to me. You should look it up, but essentially its an internet friend that you haven't met irl. That idea speaks to the music lyrically in many ways and is also so much of our modern age. Just the notion that you can be friends with someone you've never met in real life, its so intrinsically wrong that it speaks to issues of loneliness, disconnection, despair; all of which are topics I love writing lyrics about haha! Sorry if that was really long

Band Members: gutar / vocals - James, bass - Catoe, drums - Ben (Tuffs, local legend drummer whose in about a thousand local bands right now ha!)

What part of the DC region is the artist tied to and how? Where is the artist's current home base if not DC : Catoe and I live in Takoma Park MD, and Ben lives in Bethesda. Ben and I (James) met and practice at 7DrumCity in Bloomingdale, DC. I grew up in Chevy Chase DC, I know Ben is a DC native too, although I think he hails from Virginia.

At least 3 interesting/entertaining facts about the band related to persons/events in Washington DC area: We released our first EP, Exercise your Demons Part 1 back in August and will be releasing part 2 eminently. The artwork of the album was drawn by a kid. We asked our friend Page, who is a schoolteacher, to ask her students to draw a monsters and demons, most looked like how you would expect, but this one stuck out to me. When I asked her about it she said it wasn't even part of that assignment; she just asked a student to draw how she was feeling and she drew that demon head with snakes for hair. I felt the aesthetic matched the music, raw and demonic.

We recently were part of the very first Ivakota Recording Studios Book Club series where 3 bands and 2 artists read the book Grendel and wrote a piece of music or created a work of art in response. We then all came together to talk about the book. It was rad. Heres the music link:

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Main Genre: Rock

Other Genres: post hardcore