Feral Conservatives



Current Band Member Names:: Rashie Rosenfarb (vocals, mandolin), Zach Jones (guitar, keys), Dan Avant (bass), Matt Francis (drums)

What part of the DC region is the artist tied to and how? Where is the artist's current home base if not DC? : Norfolk/Hampton Roads

At least 3 interesting/entertaining facts about the band that are related to persons/places/things/events that happened in the Washington DC area. Give us fun stuff, not normal bio stuff!: Best show we've played in DC was definitely the Rock and Roll Hotel stage. Played with our friends in French Admirals. Best show we've caught in DC was the reunited Replacements at the Echostage, bar none. We had caught an earlier reunion show, but that was the first time seeing them under a roof.

Our most memorable experiences was a few years back, we played with The NRI's at Velvet Lounge. That show sticks out for a couple reasons -- Nyan (from The NRI's) is so incredibly nice...we got sloshed...and we also had our bass player at the time back out of the tour a few nights before we departed. Our three piece was down to a duo, soldiering on as drums and mandolin, which isn't so bad...except The NRI's are 7-piece, so the contrast was more apparent. We actually had to follow them up because their violinist was 8-months pregnant...I'm turning red just remembering taking the stage after them. Not sure if it was a combination of nerves or alcohol but I put a second crash on instead of my ride and was stuck with it for the whole show because at that point you've just gotta commit...I remember it as a super fun, go for broke show which was definitely the mantra of the (bassist-less) tour. No apologies, no disclaimers, just play loud (and crash-y). 

Nyan was super nice and after the gig, we went down to the chili bowl and ate terrible, delicious food and were regaled with stories of Ian MacKaye and the legendary Dischord DIY scene of DC. Sunday the 7th should be more well-rounded as we have a committed bassist and guitarist with us this time around!

Anything else we should know, or you want to share?: We've got a new record out called "Here's to Almost" and you can check it out on our bandcamp page (feralconservatives.bandcamp.com) ahead of the show. See you at Sehkfraft!

Band/Artist Website (not Facebook): www.feralconservatives.com

Band/Artist Facebook URL: www.facebook.com/feralconservatives