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3 incredibly interesting and entertaining DC related facts about the band? Give us good stuff, not normal bio stuff!: 1) Between the current members of Albino Rhino there are 11 bands represented (Albino Rhino, Bells & Hunters, ShowPony, Nah., Toadhead, Deb Felz, HYFY, Kairos Quintet, Sean Croft, Geoff Britches, and Joe McMurray)
2) Albino Rhino has always had at least 1 band member living in Washington, DC, and played their first show in DC, making us a bonified DC band - though perhaps with a non-traditional DC sound. Along these lines, our bass player used to live in Glover Park near the Dischord house, but we claim a linieage more from GoGo and funk, than DC punk.
3) The Albino Rhino song "Arlington Girls" was removed from our catalog because the song addressed many of our fans, who are women from DC and NoVA, and took offense to the song. This song expresses frustration from the narrator who is trying to talk to this or that person at the bar in Arlington. Similarly, the song Floor Funk is often accompanied by a disclaimer that the song is Floor Funk, and not Floor F-word.

Anything else we should know, or you want to share?: Albino Rhino has been in a variety of interesting cover situations. We covered Gladiator by Wings of Apollo when their bass player (Pat Graves) attended our show, similarly we've covered Mexico by Bells & Hunters both with and without Bells frontman Keith Fischer. Lastly we played Black Water (JJ Grey & Mofro) when opening for Daryl Hance (former Mofro guitar player), he took video and sent it to JJ Grey - JJ approved. Similarly, we got to play I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown at Howard Theater, on the stage James Brown performed, in front of a picture of James Brown.

We, the band, were unaware of any slang definitions for "Albino Rhino" prior to deciding on that band name - we promise. 

As students of funk and jazz, being called "cats" by jazz guitar great Mike Stern was a crowning achievement for all of us. This was right after seeing him play a set, as he hailed a cab and disappeared into the night...