Submit DC area Artists & Bands,

we want to know about them!

Things To Remember:

  • Based on the volume of submissions we get, we're unable to play everything submitted.  We're a small team, thanks for being patient with us.  If scheduled to be on air, we certainly intend to notify the artist of their music's appearance on the show.

  • We love jams, meaning songs with a great beat, a melody, and good vocals, something you can't help but wanna jam to.  We don't have any specific limitations on what we will and won't play on the show.  This does often mean we don't normally end up playing: Hardcore Rap, Extreme Heavy Metal, Classical, or Instrumental.

  • Strong preference is given to those original songs which are widely available on many sources including Spotify and iTunes.   Our target market is regular folks in the DMV area, and listeners across the country who are interested in and/or familiar with the DC area.  We want to share the incredible original music the DC region has to offer and make it easy for them to find and become fans of these great musicians.  Show them they can pull out their phone and easily:  1) Google or many times even Shazam the song.  2) Preview and buy the song.  3) Find and follow the artist online.  4) Find the artist's upcoming show schedule.