DC Region MUSICIANS - We Want To Know About You!


  1. We feature artists that:
    • are currently based in or around Washington DC. The means not Baltimore, not Richmond, NOT anywhere else in the world.  SERIOUSLY, IF YOU AREN'T LIVING IN THE DC AREA, DON'T BOTHER FILLING OUT THIS FORM
    • have original music widely available on all platforms (iTunes/Spotify/Amazon/etc).
    • Priority is often shown to those bands who have a musician/band facebook page with more than 100 likes and use facebook and bandsintown and songkick to post their show schedule.
  2. Once we've played your music on a show, we'll also likely:
    • add a profile for you in our DC Artist Database,
    • follow you online, share whenever we see new music or official music videos come out,
    • feature your music again in the future, and when live guests want to play your music.
  3. We'll likely add you to our automatic local music calendar and follow your shows.  Our website uses your Bandsintown profile to always display your latest show schedule.  Post your shows there and we'll always be sharing them. 

    Public Service Announcement: There's 3 places we've found you should always be posting your shows, 1) A Facebook event on your band Facebook page, 2) Songkick, 3) Bandinstown.  The rest of the internet, google, and other services pull from these to display your show schedule.  We recommend always posting your shows in all three places!

Things To Remember:

  • Based on the volume of submissions we get, we're unable to play everything submitted.  It may take 1-3 months to process submissions.  We're a small team, thanks for being patient with us.  If artist's are scheduled to be on an episode, we certainly intend to notify the artist through social media.

  • We love jams, meaning songs with a great beat, a melody, and good vocals, something you can't help but wanna jam to and will sound great on the radio.  We don't have any specific genre limitations on what we will and won't play on the show.  This does often mean we don't normally end up playing Classical and Instrumental.

  • Our target market is regular folks in the DMV area, and tourists from out of town who are interested in the DC local music scene.  We love it when they can find this music in the same place they already get their music.  We love for them to pull out their phone and easily:  1) Google or many times even Shazam the song.  2) Preview/buy/add the song wherever they get their music.  3) Find and follow the artist online.  4) Find the artist's upcoming show schedule.