Music By Artists From The Show

Updated weekly!  We've picked the tracks, just enjoy!

Music is the difference between a good & GREAT workout. These tracks have ultra high energy and/or driving beats!

4+ Hours

Love's in the air with someone special.  DC artists have just the songs for those moments.  This is THAT playlist. 

2+ Hours

Great for while you're working, when you have friends over, or those times you need some good background music!  

9+ Hours

When you need more than just easy listening.  Maybe you're hosting a big gathering or you need a pick me up!

13+ Hours

Doing chores? Goin out?  Party at your place?  Jammin, and dancing encouraged. Turn these up!  Play it loud!

5+ Hours

One mega playlist of all songs available that we've played during the episodes of the DC Music Rocks Show

20+ Hours


Video Playlist - Official Music Videos

Video Playlist - 2017 TinyDesk Contest entries by DC musicians!