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Music From Today's Show

  1. DC Music Rocks Listener's Choice Track of the Week: Aaron Tinjum and the Tangents - Silver in the Foothills  (Rock/Folk Rock)
  2. Feral Conservatives - Round The Corner (Rock/Folk Rock)
  3. Wylder - Swells (Rock/Pop/Indie Folk)
  4. More AM Than FM - Kitchen (Rock/Punk)
  5. Black Dog Prowl - Shame (Rock)
  6. The Jones - The News (Rock)
  7. Black Dog Prowl - Vapor (Rock)
  8. More AM Than FM - Cause For Alarm (Rock/Punk)
  9. The Jones - Down On me (Rock)
  10. The Meer - Sand Machine (Rock/Acoustic Rock) -- Glory In Sound DC Music Blog

Live Music Venue Spotlight: Sehkraft Brewing

Special Guest: Roxplosion

Bio - Photos - Video

Photo Credit: Derek Evry

Photo Credit: Derek Evry


An underground legend in the DC music community, Alec Berry, known in the scene simply as Roxplosion, is all over the region taking pictures at the hottest shows and coolest venues.  You've seen his photos featured on many of DC's websites, and many DC area musicians feature his photos as their social media profile photos.  When asked to describe himself, he says:

Photo Credit: Turtle Recall

Photo Credit: Turtle Recall

The details of my life are quite inconsequential, I am a computer nerd who is addicted to live rock and roll. My addiction is fed by my friends, many of whom are musicians, recording engineers, bartenders, bouncers, club owners, promoters, piano tuners, luthers, board jockeys, light jockeys, DJs, photographers, videographers, music teachers, poster artists— and rabid fans. In 2002, I brought a camera to a live show, the remaining details are... sketchy.

Thank you so much, Roxplosion, for joining us on this episode!  We here at DC Music Rocks appreciate the incredible art, talent, and generosity you continue to share with the DC Music Community!  Thanks for doing what you do!

Website: http://www.roxplosion.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Roxplosion

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/roxplosion/

Link: Roxplosion Fest

Here are a few other photos he shared:

Photo Credit: Roxplosion

Photo Credit: Roxplosion

photo credit: Roxplosion

photo credit: Roxplosion

Roxplosion in action on the left. photo credit: Matt Marinec, American Television/Breakup Season

Roxplosion in action on the left.

photo credit: Matt Marinec, American Television/Breakup Season

I'm looking for great DC Musicians who have released music!  Know of any?  Send this to them!