1) Get shows added to the Local Music Calendar?  Nope, the calendar is completely automated.  The artists, who we've featured on our radio show and have profiles for, add their show information to their Bandsintown profile and our calendar pulls from there.  It checks for updates each night.  
Bandsintown Links For Artists:  
Bandsintown Manager for Artists
Installing Bandsintown on your artist facebook page

2) Add an artist to the show & DC Artist Database?  Profiles are created each week for artists we play on the Radio Show/Podcast.  The artist simply needs to fill out the Submit Music Form on this website.

3) How to get music added to the 96.7FM Station Library and the DC Radio 96.3FM HD4 Station Library (which is separate from DC Music Rocks)?
This will give you more potential plays on regular rotation on the stations, separate from DC Music Rocks.  
1) Send the final released versions of the song files, like the ones people get when they purchase your music online with all ID3/MetaData filled in (artist, album, title, etc).  
2) Files can be in MP3 or WAV format. 
3) No cursing, lyrics must be absolutely clean.  
4) a good guideline is emails less than 10mb in attachments.  Break it up into multiple emails if necessary.
5) They will only keep 2-3 of your songs in their library.  Don't send your whole collection, only your top 3 tracks are helpful to focus their efforts.
FOR WERA 96.7FM - You need to email your CLEAN LYRIC VERSION/RADIO EDIT song files as attachments to  Subject should be: "DC Music Rocks Referral - Local Music Submission - [Artist Name].  Email message body should include your top 3 track names and "Recommended if you like" reference to big name artists you sound similar to.
FOR DC RADIO 96.3FM HD4 - Send email to  Subject should be: DC Music Rocks Referral - Local Music Submission - [Artist Name]
Send WAVs if possible otherwise MP3s.
Specify your connection to DC area.
Share Links to Website, Facebook, and Bio.
Include “recommended if you like” artist reference to big name artists you sound similar to.

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