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DC Music Rocks Radio Show and Podcast Logo


rock along with dc...

If you love music, we've got you covered.
DC has one of the hottest music scenes in the country, and DC Music Rocks helps you discover and enjoy all that the DC area has to offer. Why do we do it? Because DC music rocks!


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Hosted By
Brian Nelson-Palmer

 Brian Nelson-Palmer, drummer for the DC original rock and roll band,  Fellowcraft .  Learn more  About Brian and DC Music Rocks

Brian Nelson-Palmer, drummer for the DC original rock and roll band, Fellowcraft.  Learn more About Brian and DC Music Rocks

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  • Profiles created for the hundreds of artists we've featured on the show.
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3) go See Local Music

Upcoming shows for DC Artists we've featured,
 performing in a 25 mile radius around DC!


4) enjoy Your New Jam

We're hard at work finding and organizing the best local music and videos -- all YOU have to do is enjoy!


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Are you a musician from the DC region?  Know one?  This is everything we need from them.  Please share us with them!

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Need a band?  Do-It-Yourself projects are hard & take time, bring us in, get your time back, let us be your specialist!

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The ever growing list! As we hear about them, we keep adding them.  Let us know if we're missing any.

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